Making Baby’s First Christmas Magical – Starting Traditions

Baby's First Christmas

As a parent your Baby’s First Christmas is one that you will never forget, probably not for the gifts that you give to your child but for the traditions that you start as a family and the memories these will make and every Christmas to come. Your baby maybe a few days old to almost a year, but the memories and traditions that you start to create will live through your photos and Christmases to come.

Here are a 10 ideas of family traditions that you could start as a family for your baby’s first Christmas to make it Magical and every Christmas coming

A picture with Santa

Visit Santa

Take a visit to Santa and get a picture with him, although your child won’t ask Santa for something, it will start a tradition and looking back at the pictures you will be able to see how your child grows with each year.

Start an Advent Tradition

We have an activity Advent where each day we do one family activity, I made a reindeer Advent calendar and on the evening of 30th December I will hang up the Reindeer in the lounge and then the kids can come and open the envelope on the 1st December and find out what we will do to start to celebrate Christmas that day. Check back later this week for a different Advent idea with a Bookworm Advent. If you would like even more Advent Ideas then look at these 24 great ideas that I featured a couple of weeks ago.

Create an Ornament

Salt dough footprint

Each year create an ornament with your baby, toddler, preschooler and child add them to your home and remember them over the years – how about trying some foot print ornaments like these from The Imagination Tree.

Start a tradition of making cards

Baby Hand Print Christmas CardsBuy some card blanks and create a simple handprint or footprint card to send to your family and friends from the children – date the back and many will save these as a memory of your Baby – remember to make a couple extra to keep as memories of your Baby’s First Christmas.

Get Crafty and Make your own Stocking

No Knit Knitted Stockings from Red Ted Art

Every Child need a stocking for Santa to fill with presents and what is better than a stocking that you have created yourself and Red Ted Art has a wonderful knitted one that doesn’t need you to pick up a single knitting needle. Although this is a once off activity for you – each year you can bring out the stocking and remember Baby’s First Christmas and the making of the stocking.

Christmas PJ’s

Christmas PJs

We started this the very first Christmas, on Christmas Eve just after dinner there is a sound upstairs and we hear sleigh bells and rush upstairs to find a wrapped present on the bed. Inside is a pair of new PJ’s to wear especially from Santa as he flew past delivering presents to other boys and girls around the world. At that point the PJ’s have to go on and Christmas has really begun.

Start a Tree Decorating Tradition

Do you want to decorate as a family – take a picture of you and the baby hanging ornaments together, does the tree go up on the 1st December, do you leave it till Christmas Eve. In our home we go and choose a tree as a family and this then goes into the garden, on the 14th December the kids go to bed and we get busy decorating the Christmas Tree we are Santa’s Elves, on the morning of the 15th December one of us pops down stairs and starts the lights off and then we bring the kids down to see the house fully decorated by Santa’s Elves as if by Magic.

Decide on your family Santa Tradition

If Santa is visiting is he bringing all the presents, does he bring the main one or does he bring something small. As I discovered each family has different traditions, before your child is born you probably don’t discuss much about Santa’s visits but now you have a little one it’s different. In our house Santa brings the presents from everyone on Christmas Eve plus a special little gift from him – an ornament for the tree, however I know families where Santa brings everything and others where Santa brings the main present. There is no right or wrong it’s up to you as a family to decide how you want Santa to bring presents at your house.

Present opening

It should seem simple, but believe me it’s more complicated than you think, do you open in turn, do you separate out presents so some are opened throughout the day. So many questions and so many possibilities. We have a family tradition where there are presents which are left by Santa in a stocking in the bedroom – these are opened with me and Rainy Day Dad when we wake up. Included are new clothes to wear on the day, a small toy, a book, the ornament from Santa and some sweets to nibble on. Then we get dressed and everyone heads down stairs to open presents, we split them up through the day and have some in the morning, some after lunch and some in the evening.

Evidence of Santa’s Visit

Yes the present are evidence, but what is more magical than a clue that Santa has been. Whether you go high tech and edit a photo of your kids room with them asleep in the bed and Santa there, or get creative and leave sooty foot prints leading from your chimney to your tree (my dad did this one year when I was a child it was really exciting and I still remember standing there looking at them with wonder) or more traditionally leave out a treat for Santa (ours is a sherry, glass of milk, mince pie and a carrot) and in the morning find evidence that it has been eaten. The little clues will live in your children’s memories longer than the present that they receive.

Now over to you there 10 ideas for creating family traditions to make your Baby’s First Christmas Magical what have you done?

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  1. Shelley says

    An idea to follow-up on the present distribution idea… We always open stockings first, then go make breakfast together (normally homemade donuts while still in pj’s). The presents under the tree wait until after breakfast is done and cleaned up.