Although we love giving classic Christmas Books as a gift for your baby’s first Christmas it’s also good to have a few board books that you and they can read together. Board books are ideal to read together especially when your baby goes through the phase of putting everything in their mouth. So here we go our Favourite Christmas Board Books to read together with your baby or young toddler.

Best Christmas Board Books for you and your baby and young toddler to read together.

Christmas Board Books for Babies and Young Toddlers

Board Books are great to read with your baby or young toddler they generally have either an abridged version of the story or are written specifically to read for the age range. We have shared our selection of Black and White Board Books previously and these would make great gifts but if you and they want to read some fun Christmas stories then look below.

We have included links on the images and underlined in blue for the board books we love. If you buy via the links we may earn a small commission.

One of my kids favourite books, when they were little, was Spot’s First Christmas by Eric Hill. The version that we had was a lift the flap book and we loved discovering what was inside each of the presents that Spot found around the house.

Dear Santa by Rod Campbell was another favourite. With lift the flaps again they loved the surprise of finding out what was in the presents and some of the ideas were fun and silly. Both of these two books are great to read together but I did place them out of reach as we discovered that my little ones would rip the flaps off if left alone with the books.

Baby with Christmas Teddy Bear a gift to treasure for Baby's First Christmas

Sensory Board Books for Baby’s First Christmas

Sensory board books, those that involve touching, feeling, smell or sounds are a great way to extend the experience further than reading. We’ve selected our 3 favourites above click on the images or on the links in the list below.

Baby Touch and Feel DK Christmas

Christmas Songs

Merry Christmas Bright Baby Touch and Feel

Baby reading a Christmas Board Book in a Santa Hat
Baby with book in Santa Hat By Supasak Pilawan via Shutterstock

Character and Classic Christmas Board Books for Babies and Young Toddlers

Characters and classics are always popular for Christmas Books. One of the first we bought for our baby was a Nativity Book. I really wanted them to understand why we celebrated Christmas. Yes it’s a holiday and it’s fun but there is a historical reason and religious reason we do.

Christmas in the Manger by Nola Buck is a simple retelling of the story. It features the animals from the Nativity Story as well as the main characters and is a simple and rhymes perfect for reading together.

We love reading about Llama Llama by Anna Dewdney and the board book Llama Llama Jingle Bells features the loveable character. Although we read this with the kids when they were babies it was the giggles when they were toddlers and preschoolers that I loved the most.

Laura Numeroff is another favourite author of ours and we love Merry Christmas Mouse! featuring the cute little mouse it features lots of activities that we do as a family over Christmas. Again this is one that came into its own as my baby grew into a toddler but it is perfect to get your baby this first Christmas and save and re-read in the following years.

More Christmas Books for Babies

Carefully chosen Christmas Books ideal to share with toddlers and preschoolers at home or in your setting, from classic tales to popular characters.

Although board books are great to read with your babies and toddlers, you will find that you only spend a couple of years reading them and need to move on. I think we had the top 2 books and then borrowed others from the library but we did start to collect other Christmas Books that even now we have tweens we still enjoy reading together. Check out our selection of Christmas Books for Toddlers for some ideas that you and they will enjoy together in the coming years.

Pick up these black and white board books and spend some time reading together with your newborn and young babies. The high contrast images are ideal as they will be able to see the images and hearing your voice read the words will help language development and create memories you will look back on fondly.

Got a newborn then add some of these fantastic Black and White Board Books that are ideal to help your little one develop their eyesight.

Why not Share these Fun Board Books for Baby’s 1st Christmas with Family and Friends to give Great Gift Suggestions This Year

Best Christmas Board Books for your baby or young toddler and you to read together. Classic characters and family favourites a great Christmas Gift Idea.

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Baby reading a Christmas Board Book

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