Activities for Under 1’s

Have fun with your 4-month-old with these simple activities and things to do that help support their development and meet the coming milestones.

Toddlers & Preschoolers

mother and toddler putting their toys away

Halloween Fun For Families

Make Halloween fun and not so scary, involve siblings and have a party with dressing up but no monsters and scary witches laughing.

Family Meals for Picky Kids

top down view of dish of shepherds pie made with leftover roast lamb

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Best Recipes for Families

Quick Family Desserts

Classic family dessert with a twist this Bramley apple crumble is easy to make and best served with some vanilla ice-cream or to compliment the sweetness of the apples some natural yoghurt.

Traditional Farmhouse Fruitcake

Delicious old fashioned fruitcake recipe, just like it's straight from the farmhouse. This classic recipe for afternoon tea or just to enjoy anytime.

Delicious Soups for Rainy Days

homemade roasted tomato soup in a bowl by the stockpot

Left Over Shepherd’s Pie

top down view of dish of shepherds pie made with leftover roast lamb

Crafts for Kids


DIY Math resource for fall - create stamped pumpkins that you can use for early years math work using number lines


Easy Halloween Paper Chains to Make with Toddlers


Kids Crafts

Child wearing space helmet they have made with simple materials in the junk model box

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