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Spring Activities, Crafts and Recipes for Kids

labelling of bulb and plant parts as part of a spring nature study activity to do with kids as they learn about plants
Easy, simple spring crafts for toddlers to make and do with you at home so that you can get creative together all season long.
a child planting seeds in a seed tray outside on the ground. The text reads Quick and Easy Seeds to Grow with Kids
red carnation in paint on a piece of paper painted with bright craft paints created by a child with the flower
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Popular Activities for Kids This Week!

tadpoles in an observation tank eating the algae from some pond weed text reads Frog Life Cycle How to Raise Tadpoles
child blowing bubbles with a homemade bubble mix recipe text overlay reads Homemade Bubble Mixture Recipe
Rocket Science and Craft for Kids
Edible Play Dough Recipe made with marshmallows
Pinnable image of the pages of a free printable bird watching journal for kids

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Colourful building blocks used to build 3 letter words with kids. Text overlay reads "Word Building Activity"
free printable observing a seed journal sheet next to a tray with stages of bean germination laid out for kids for plant science. Text overlay reads Bean in a Jar FREE printable seed journal
3d spring daffodil art project completed by a preschooler
Toddler painting a daffodil for St David's Day text on it reads Spring Art for Tots Daffodil Still Life Painting