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I’m Cerys, the creative mum behind Rainy Day Mum.

I was in survival mode!

Just going day to day with an under 2 and a 3-month-old.


What can you actually do with an under 2 and a baby at home?

I searched high and low for ideas.

Found lots that said they were toddler ideas!

Let me tell you they lied!

Rainy Day Mum crafting with a toddler

So I set myself a challenge each and every day I would do a simple activity at home and share it with friends and family here on Rainy Day Mum.

At first, those activities were crafts, crafts that my mum had done with me, classic, simple and easy to do at home.

Easy toddler crafts that a toddler could actually do with either no or very little help from you.

Simple Process Art Activity for Babies and Toddlers
Easy toddler paper plate craft to make a lion's face ideal for jungle and circus themed crafts
toddler sticking paper on a paper plate

As the toddler got older and the baby became a toddler we started simple activities to support the learning of letters, numbers, shapes, colours, motor skills and more.

a is for ant
mixing primary paint colours on a paper plate
Finding the numbers in the garden

We found a passion for gardening and cooking and started to share those ideas as well.

toddler adding jam to jam tarts
toddler watering seeds in the garden

And my background as a marine biologist and love of nature and wildlife flourished.

Collecting and raising frog spawn to froglets in your own home. Simple low cost Nature activity for kids to do in Spring at home or in the classroom. With TOP TIPS on keeping those tadpoles alive and growing well
Collecting and raising frog spawn to froglets in your own home. Simple low cost Nature activity for kids to do in Spring at home or in the classroom
Advice and tips for rock pooling with kids from a marine biologist and environmental educator. Make a tip to the beach this summer a learning experience

We raised tadpoles on the dining room table and went rock pooling with a 2-year-old!

Rainy Day Mum Today!

cerys parker from rainy day mum with her two kids a girl and a boy

So my kids are now older, we home educate our youngest, but the goal is still the same.

To share easy and simple activities you can do at home with your kids. For us, that’s fun, crafts but also educational.

gruffalo sensory bin

We love to share books and book-based activities.

mad about minibeast playdough activity

And promise you that our activities are simple, easy, low prep and your little ones will love them.

From sharing our homemade playdough recipe so you can replace your dried-up tub easily in just 5 minutes to our bread recipe that we made once a week at home.

preschooler making bread at home

I love to hear from my readers, if you would like to send a message to let me know you’ve tried an activity, craft or recipe then why not send me a message via my contact page.

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