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DIY Baby’s First Christmas Handprint Ornament

Finding books to share with a baby for their First Christmas isn’t always easy – especially ones that they can interact with and will remain a favourite for years to come. Spot’s First Christmas by Eric Hall featuring the lovely Little Spot Dog a cute and funny puppy is fantastic to share with babies and toddlers and older siblings can join in as well. Today we’re bringing you a classic Christmas Ornament Craft that you can do with your Baby making First Christmas Ornaments to capture this magical milestone.

Hand and Footprint baby's first christmas ornament collage

Capturing that First Christmas is also part of the magic – I never know whether it’s too look back on with the child or more for you but together and if you have older children getting them involved as well you can start creating your Christmas Memories. Creating something that lasts and captures them at this moment in time so we created some hanging ornaments for our little friend to celebrate her First Christmas. So a welcome to F and her mum Sam who helped to create these Spot’s First Christmas Ornaments for F.

Materials needed for First Christmas Ornament

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How to create a First Christmas Ornament

After sitting down together and reading Spot’s First Christmas we set out creating the ornaments – start of softening your clay up – if you can’t find air-drying clay then you could use Salt Dough – but you need to remember to coat this with an acrylic varnish to stop moisture getting into the dough.

Spot's First Christmas - a fun book for babies First Christmas

Once the clay is softened roll out flat you will need it to be just under 1cm thick to get a good imprint in as well as to avoid it cracking. Use a bowl to cut out a nice circle from.

Creating First Christmas Ornaments with babies

We created hand and foot ornaments – with very young babies feet are much easier as their hands don’t open easily however as they get older you can open and hold their hand in place to create the imprint.

Creating First Christmas Ornaments with babies

With their bare foot press into the clay – we found it easier to do this with 2 people – perfect for a family activity, mum, dad and new baby, or you and older siblings. Apply a little pressure to the foot and then remove.

Creating First Christmas Ornaments with babies

To do the hand we again worked together opening the hand up (and found this easier to do with F laying on her stomach). Then applying a little pressure to each finger to get an imprint in the clay.

Then applying a little pressure to each finger to get an imprint in the clay.

Creating First Christmas Ornaments with babies

Whilst the clay was still wet we wrote F’s name in the clay using our Melissa & Doug Deluxe Alphabet Stamp Set.

Creating First Christmas Ornaments with babies

To create the hole for the ribbon to thread through use a straw.

Creating First Christmas Ornaments with babies

Leave to dry for a while. The air drying clay will change from grey to a very very light grey almost white unless you have white air-drying clay.

DIY First Christmas Ornaments

To emphasise the imprints I used a little chalk to brush them over and bring a little colour. Tthen threaded them with ribbon to hang.

DIY Hand and Foot print First Christmas Ornaments
DIY Foot Print First Christmas Ornament
DIY Hand First Christmas Ornament

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Collage of making and finished clay hand and foot print ornaments for baby's first christmas


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