A Plate for Santa’s Treats

his time last year we joined in with 24 amazing bloggers to bring you Creative Christmas Countdown 2011, well we’re back and joining again with 23 bloggers to bring you a Creative Christmas Countdown for 2012. Organized by Alissa from Creative with Kids and Maggy from Red Ted Art I feel very honoured to join in again. This year we’re creating together a Plate for Santa’s Treats that we can bring out year after year and remember the year that we made it and the memories of making it together.

Creating Christmas Memories with kids

Christmas for us means getting crafty and creating memories that we can look back on each year as the boxes of Christmas decorations and extras come down from the attic so this year we’re creating a plate for Santa’s Treats to go out on Christmas Eve holding his mince pie, carrot for the Reindeer and a glass of sherry to ensure that he’s warm.

What you need to create A Plate for Santa’s Treats

An old Diner Plate (or a cheap one from the supermarket if you don’t have any old ones you can use)
Sharpie Marker
Acrylic Paints
Painting Equipment

How we made our Plate for Santa’s Treats

Christmas craft for kids

We recently read Father Christmas Needs a Wee and in the book each house that Santa visits there is a plate with goodies for Santa and his drink, J spotted this and instead of buying a ready made plate we decided to create one at home. I set up our crafting area with J (3 years old) and T (21 months) prepared for getting messy and we set about having fun making a plate for Santa’s Treats.

Making Christmas Magical for kids

Using a cookie cutter as a template I drew a star at the top of our plate for J to colour in (I choose a Star as we are looking out for our Christmas Star at the moment after he was a star in the Preschool Nativity this year) and also create a snowflake stamp using a foam sticker and a bottle cap.

Making Christmas Memories

We then spent some time with our paints crafting together listening to Christmas music and enjoying the time together. With Rainy Day Dad there to take pictures and help we spent the afternoon crafting together as a family making memories that we can look back on in many years time when we bring out our Santa’s Plate.

I put the plate to dry when J declared that he was “FINISHED” and then added Christmas 2012 and For Santa onto the plate in black Sharpie when it was dry.

Plate for Santa

Using Acrylic Paints and a Sharpie Pen they aren’t suitable for putting in the dishwasher, and can only really be washed lightly by hand, but as this is something that we will only bring out on Christmas Eve and put out our goodies for Santa then it isn’t a problem.

Christmas Eve Plate

So this Christmas Eve Santa will be greeted by a plate, with his mince pie, reindeer food a glass of milk and a sherry and a little note of Thanks for delivering the presents. I hope he enjoys it and will remember the memories made whilst we created the plate.


  1. I was just thinking we don’t have a plate to leave cookies on – we left it in Hawaii last year! thank you so much for this post, I am going to look for our acrylic paints during the girls nap time today.

  2. I love this idea. A friend recently told me that you can bake a plate in the oven at 350 for 30 min. after using Sharpie pens and that it then becomes permanent. I haven’t tried it, but it seems like a neat idea.

  3. Awe, not only is it a lovely tradition to give Santa some treats, but I LOVE that you made a special plate for Santa. Too cute! And OOOOH you are in the photos 🙂


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