As the seasons change your children can see the differences that occur in the world around them. From the leaves on the trees, the weather and what they wear to the animals that they find around them.

Crafts and Activities are one of the best ways to celebrate the changes so check out these ideas and activities to do with your kids throughout the year.

Find Activities by Season

Looking for the best ideas for each season? Check out our most popular ideas below.

Spring Crafts and Activities for Kids

New life, plants, animals and more. Spring into the changing seasons with these fun activities and crafts for spring to do with the kids.

Collage of 4 fun Bee Crafts for preschoolers, a paper plate bee, a twirling bee made from duct tape, a bouncing bee on a string and some cute paper bag bee puppets.
child blowing bubbles with a homemade bubble mix recipe text overlay reads Homemade Bubble Mixture Recipe
A single rice crispy nests with marshmallows and mini eggs on top the test reads Rice Crispy Nests with FREE printable Recipe
8 covers of fantastic spring books for toddlers and preschoolers including Spring by Gerda Muller, Worm Weather and The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

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Summer Crafts and Activities to do with Kids

Sunshine, beach and more. Head to our summer fun to enjoy this season with the kids.

Sample pages printed from the Summer Drawing Prompts for Kids Activity Pack for Kids on Rainy Day Mum. Text overlay reads FREE Printable Summer Drawing Prompts for Kids
Collage showing the covers of 4 of the best summer solstice books for kids to read. The text in the centre reads Pick of the Best Summer Solstice Books for Kids
A sensory activity for 4th of July. Patriotric Playdough Invitation with white playdough and red, white and blue buttons, beads, stars and cookie cutters. Text on the image reads 4th of July Playdough Invitation for Kids.
A child blowing into a straw into a bowl of colourful bubble mix to create beautiful creative bubble art prints in the summer. Text on the image reads How to Make Bubble Art Summer Art for Kids.

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Best Autumn Activities for Kids

Colourful leaves, pumpkins, bonfires and more. Enjoy fall with these crafts and activities for your kids from our favourite Acorn Clip and Count Cards to delicious Apple and Cinnamon Loaf Cake to Bake together.

Apple slices covered in peanut butter and bird seed hanging by string from a tree. Text overlay reads How to Make Apple Bird Feeders.
Apple pie made by kids with a bite taken out of it showing the delicious homemade filling. The text overlay reads Easy Apple Recipe for Kids No Roll Apple Pies.
A ball of green playdough with 3 apples beside. The text overlay reads Easy 2 Ingredient Apple Scented Playdough.
Square image of 4 simple sensory bins for toddlers and preschoolers featuring apples. Text in the centre reads Apple Sensory Bins for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

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Winter Activities And Crafts

Snow and ice, feeding the birds and indoor fun. Focus on winter activities and crafts and enjoy the cosy season at home with the kids.

A cutre little preschool boy in his winter clothes out in the snow enjoying himself. Text overlay reads Winter Nursery Rhymes and Songs for Toddlers and Preschoolers.
Apple slices covered in peanut butter and bird seed hanging by string from a tree. Text overlay reads How to Make Apple Bird Feeders.
toddler walking in the snow on a bright day with the text reading Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for tots
collage of 4 simple winter playdough and cloud dough recipes for kids text in the centre reads Winter Playdough and Snow Dough Recipes

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