As the seasons change your children can see the differences that occur in the world around them. From the leaves on the trees, the weather and what they wear to the animals that they find around them.

Crafts and Activities are one of the best ways to celebrate the changes so check out these ideas and activities to do with your kids throughout the year.

Find Activities by Season

Looking for the best ideas for each season? Check out our most popular ideas below.

Summer Crafts and Activities to do with Kids

Square image of a teen on a paddleboard kneeling on a river in the UK. Text reads EZ Paddleboard Review and Tips for SUPing with Kids.
Summer Nature Study free printable for kids, including rock pool observation sheet, beach bingo of fun activities and a beach nature journal to complete daily.
Collage showing the covers of 4 of the best summer solstice books for kids to read. The text in the centre reads Pick of the Best Summer Solstice Books for Kids

Sunshine, beach and more. Head to our summer fun to enjoy this season with the kids.

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For more ideas, activities, crafts and recipes to do with your kids whatever the weather throughout the year.

Best Autumn Activities for Kids

Colourful leaves, pumpkins, bonfires and more. Enjoy fall with these crafts and activities for your kids from our favourite Acorn Clip and Count Cards to delicious Apple and Cinnamon Loaf Cake to Bake together.

playing pumpkin pie fractions printable game from rainy day mum
bonfire night fire cupcakes
What to plant and grow with kids in November spring bulbs, garlic, sweet peas and much more
bats made from leaves on a flat lay with text reading leaf bats and ghost nature crafts for kids

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Winter Activities And Crafts

Snow and ice, feeding the birds and indoor fun. Focus on winter activities and crafts and enjoy the cosy season at home with the kids.

toddler walking in the snow on a bright day with the text reading Fun Outdoor Winter Activities for tots
collage of 4 simple winter playdough and cloud dough recipes for kids text in the centre reads Winter Playdough and Snow Dough Recipes
A pile of pink Turkish Delight cooked by a teen to go with the reading of The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
a gritter lorry spreading salt on the roads in winter with text reading Winter Science Investigation Why Grit the Roads

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Spring Crafts and Activities for Kids

New life, plants, animals and more. Spring into the changing seasons with these fun activities and crafts for spring to do with the kids.

3d spring daffodil art project completed by a preschooler
Toddler painting a daffodil for St David's Day text on it reads Spring Art for Tots Daffodil Still Life Painting
FREE Preschool Printable Pond Life Activity Set Sample Pages for promotion
8 covers of fantastic spring books for toddlers and preschoolers including Spring by Gerda Muller, Worm Weather and The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

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