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Reindeer Footprint and Handprint Christmas Tree Cards to make with Babies and Toddlers

In the lead up to Christmas last year I got together with friends and we created our Christmas cards for family members. At the time F was 9 months old and J was 16 months old and T was yet to be born. So this is a perfect first Christmas card from a baby to family members and was easy to do. It is a great Christmas tradition to start with babies and toddlers, making Christmas Cards that you can send and keep a copy of too.

Reindeer Footprint Card to Make with Babies

What you need to make Baby Feet Christmas Cards

We have included links to the products we used to create these cards. If you buy via the links we may earn a small commission.

Card Blanks and Envelopes

Green, red, yellow paint

Glitter and stars (we used glitter and star glues as easier)

Happy or Merry Christmas Peel Off

How to make Hand and Footprint Christmas Cards

We spread newspaper over the kitchen floor as this was easier than trying to do this in high chairs at the time and stripped both of the babies to their nappies as we knew it would get messy with 2 crawlers around.

making toddler hand and footprint christmas cards

baby feet christmas card making

Into shallow dishes we put green paint for the trees and holding J’s hand I helped him make a hand print on the card blank with his palm as the base of the tree and his fingers as the branches.  I did a set of cards at a time and put them aside for drying while we did the 2nd style of card.

christmas tree hand print cards for babies and toddlers to make

For our 2nd card I choose reindeer to do this we did a footprint in brown paint and then 2 hand prints for antlers in a yellow paint.

reindeer footprint card making with baby

Once the cards were dry J helped me add glitter using glitter glue and stars to the cards to decorate the tree (I drew an outline of a tree around his hand) and make the reindeer have a red nose.

footprint christmas cards to make with your baby

I then added a peel off to say Happy/Merry Christmas to the cards.

reindeer christmas cards from footprints for babies and toddlers to make

As these were sent to family I also put J’s age inside as I know some of the family will keep them as memories of cards from him in the future.

ifferent different reindeer footprint cards to make

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Pin These Hand and Footprint Christmas Card Ideas to Make with Babies to Do Later

Hand and Foot Print Christmas Cards to send family and friends from your babies and toddlers this Christmas, easy to make and fun to do.

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christmas tree hand print cards for babies and toddlers to make


  1. Chrissy Jo says:

    I did something similar for valentine’s day for my daughter’s father. My little one was 3 months old and I used a non-toxic pink ink pad and inked up her little feet and stamped them on a card with the heels overlapping into a shape of a heart and neatly wrote “be mine.” above it.

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