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How to Make an Apple Bird Feeder

This is an advert for A Year of Nature Walks and Games by Becky Goddard-Hill and Catherine Hughes

Autumn is the perfect time to start to feed the birds in preparation for winter and it’s also a great time to great creative, and start to watch the birds. Today I’m very pleased to welcome Becky and Catherine authors of the fantastic A Year of Nature Walks and Games to Rainy Day Mum to share one of the fantastic Nature Activities from the book that is perfect for the coming months. So here we go a treat for the birds with a homemade apple bird feeder project for your kids to make.

Slices of apples coated in peanut butter and seeds hanging in a tree to feed the birds.

A Year of Nature Walks and Games

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A nature walks and games cover by Becky Goddard Hill and Catherine Hughes.

This week sees the launch of a new nature book for 6-12 year olds A Year of Nature Walks and Games The book is full to the brim with things for kids to see and do in the great outdoors including making and flying your own kite or playing park games.

It is written and by child wellbeing author Becky Goddard-Hill from Emotionally Healthy Kids and gardening expert Catherine Hughes from the blog Growing Family

They are sharing one of their favourite activities from their book with us here today

Apple Bird feeders

We love to feed the birds in our garden, it’s a great way to observe them throughout the year, but also helps them to prepare and survive the winter. This simple bird feeder is easy for kids to make and the birds will soon be flocking towards it.

Materials for Making the Bird Feeder

  • ?String or Twine 
  • ?Apples 
  • ?Bird seed 
  • ?Peanut butter (make sure that you have bird safe peanut butter you can often find this in garden centres)
Pinterest image for Apple Bird Feeders for Kids to Make this Fall.

How to Make your Apple Feeder for the Birds

  1. Slice the apples (or ask your grown up to) into about 5 slices from the top down. 
  2. Using a cutlery knife carefully cut a hole out of the middle of each slice making sure to get rid of any seeds (the seeds/pips of the apple are toxic to birds so please discard)?? 
  3. Now thread string through each hole and tie a knot. Use enough string so it can be hung on a branch. 
  4. Smear each slice with peanut butter and sprinkle on your bird seed. Give it a little push to make it stick. 
  5. Now simply hang from your nearest tree 
A bird watching station set up in the backyard with kid made apple bird feeders.

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