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Apple Sensory Bins

As autumn paints the world in shades of red, orange, and gold, it’s the perfect time to engage your little ones in a world of sensory exploration and creative play. Sensory bins are not only a fantastic way to foster early childhood development but also ignite the imagination. I’ve gathered together some inspiration for you from some of the finest early education bloggers out there, bringing you a bountiful collection of 10 Apple Sensory Bins for Fall Fun.

Collage of 7 simple apple themed sensory bins for toddlers and preschoolers to welcome the fall season.

Apple Theme Sensory Play

Sensory bins are fantastic hands-on activities for learning and development. They give kids the opportunity to explore, experiment, and engage their senses whilst having fun. From the addition of apple scents to the scooping and pouring rice or beans, these sensory bins are brimming with fall charm.

What are the benefits of sensory bins for children?

Sensory bins have a wide range of benefits for kids development. The promote exploration and engage the senses. This stimulates their cognitive development. Sensory play can also improve fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and even language development. Setting the bins up with also encourage creativity and problem-solving as your toddlers and preschoolers play with the materials within the trays and bins that you have set up. An additional benefit is that sensory bins can help kids to calm and regulate their emotions.

image for apple playdough mats on Rainy Day Mum

What materials can I use to create sensory bins?

Whether you are in a classroom, or at home one of the great things about sensory bins is how versatile they are. You can add in many different materials to create a sensory experience that is different every single time. Some common materials include

  • rice
  • beans
  • oats
  • water beads
  • sand
  • shredded paper

For an apple-themed activity at the sensory table, you may want to add in dried apple slices (find out how to dry your own apple slices here), cinnamon sticks, fall leaves, green pom poms or scented playdough our 2-ingredient apple-scented playdough would be a fantastic addition.

Pinterest image showing a collage of some of the featured apple sensory bins for fall. Text reads Apple Themed Sensory Bins and Tubs for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

At what age can children start using sensory bins?

Sensory play starts with your babies – you can use a simple sensory tray with your little ones under very close supervision with materials that aren’t toxic and won’t cause a choking hazard. Your 2 year olds to 5 year olds in particular will get a huge benefit as they support their cognitive, social and emotional development.

Why not combine any of these sensory bins with our favorite apple books for toddlers and preschoolers

Apple Themed Sensory Bins

So let’s see what fantastic sensory bins we have that celebrate the beginning of fall and the the apple season.

5 Apple sensory bins in a collage with numbers matching the sensory bin descriptions in the text below. 1 is in the top left hand corner.

1 Apple Sensory Bin

This simple apple-themed sensory bin from Little Bins for Little Hands uses plastic apples and scoops to play in the bin. It’s simple to set up and kids will have hours of fun with it.

2 Fall Apple Sensory Play

How about setting up this fall apple sensory bin from Pre-K Pages not only does it have the sensory benefits but you are also working on a basic math concept of colors, sort the red apples from the green into the trees. I just love this it’s so cute.

3 Apple Pie Sensory Bin

This Apple Pie Sensory Bin from Hands-on As We Grow is great the textures, smells and play is simple but fantastic for your little ones to explore.

4 Apple Water Sensory Play

It may still be very warm where you are in which case this apple sensory bin with water from and Next comes L is your go-to one. The little apple gems are fantastic but you could swap them out for apple manipulatives for math.

5 Apple Orchard Sensory Bin

Simple to set up this Apple Orchard Sensory Bin from Taming Little Monsters is great. Use some simple tongs and transfer the apples to the trees!

Collage of sensory bins featured 6 to 10.

6 Apple and Cinnamon Sensory Tub

Another simple to-set-up sensory tub with apple and cinnamon from Fantastic Fun and Learning. We love the little apple buckets used in this perfect for scooping of course if you haven’t got these measuring cups would be a great alternative.

7 Apple Counting Sensory Tub

Want to work on counting whilst your little ones play then this Apple Counting Sensory Tub from Teaching Mama would be the perfect addition to your apple activities. There’s even a free printable to go along with the tub.

8 Green Apples Sensory Bin

This apple sensory bin from the Gift of Curiosity uses coloured rice (you can find out how to dye rice here) and some very cute little toilet paper rolls trees. It’s simple and easy to set up, add in some bowls and spoons and your little once can scoop and transfer the apples between them, great for hand-eye coordination.

9 Scented Apple Sensory Bin

This colourful scented apple sensory bin from Fun A Day is so virbant and appealing to little ones. The smell is amazing (we’ve had a go at making this ourselves) and was just so much fun.

10 Apple Soup Sensory Bin

Another water themed sensory bin with apple soup from Happy Toddler Playtime. Add in some slotted spoons and watch the water go through the slits your little ones will sure to have a blast with this one.

Square image of 4 simple sensory bins for toddlers and preschoolers featuring apples. Text in the centre reads Apple Sensory Bins for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

More Apple Theme Activities

Check out these other apple theme activities for your little ones to do

Apple count and clip cards in a pile with apple erases. A text overlay reads FREE Printable Apple Count and Clip Cards (1 to 5).
apple pies made by kids in a muffin tin text reads delicious apple pies to cook with kids
toddler making apple prints

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