4th of July Sensory Activity

Are you looking for a simple sensory activity for the 4th of July that will entertain the kids but take you very little time to prepare? Then this red, white and blue playdough invitation is for you. With very little prep (even if you do make your own playdough) it’s ready to do in minutes and your children can entertain themselves. So here you go our 4th of July Sensory Activity for your little ones.

A sectional tray set up for a red, white and blue playdough invitation for preschoolers ahead of Independence Day

Patriotic Playdough Invitation

This simple invitation to play is quick and easy to set up and ready for your little one to explore on their own. There are some prompts below that if your child is not sure where to start you could give them. But in my experience, most children will go ahead and explore the tray on their own using their imagination to play.

A red cookie cutter star cutting out white playdough with a tray with red, white and blue buttons and stars on in the background.

We’ve used a dip tray for this, however, if you are travelling for Independence Day then why not use a sectioned lunch box and a lap tray or play tray table it makes for a perfect little busy box that your kids can use to entertain them on the journey.

Supplies Needed for Your Independence Day Playdough Invitation

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Other ideas to add to the sensory activity depending on the age of your child and how likely they are to put the objects in their mouths

Patriotic playdough invitation set up on a dip tray ready for a preschoolers to play with. Includes white homemade playdough, red, white and blue stars, buttons and cookie cutters.

Preparation For this Red, White and Blue Playdough Invitation

If needed make up your playdough – the recipe above is no-cook and will be mixed in just 5 minutes.

  1. Place the playdough in the middle of the tray.
  2. Arrange the other objects you have picked around the outside.
  3. Place on your protective mat.
  4. Let your kids enjoy!
red, white and blue stars of different sizes placed in white playdough on a sectional tray set up as a quick sensory activity for the 4th of July for kids.
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Playdough Invitation Prompts

If your little one is struggling to know what to do here are just a couple of ideas that you could suggest to get them to start to engage with the invitation to play.

Blue sorting stars, buttons and cookie cutters in a sensory play activity for kids for Independence day.
  • Make patterns in the dough
  • Match stars together
  • Match colours
Playdough invitation to play for the 4th of July with Stars in red, white and blue.

Once they get engaged I have no doubt that their imagination will soar and they will be playing for a while yet!

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Pinterest image for a Simple 4th of July Sensory Activity for Kids from rainydaymum with playdough, buttons, stars and cookies cutters.

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