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FREE Printable “ispy Spring”

With spring in the air it’s the perfect time to get your preschoolers and toddlers spotting what is going on, from birds creating nests to the bees buzzing around the garden and flowers blooming. This iSpy printable is ideal to do at home once you’ve been outside and seen what is going on. So here you go a FREE printable iSpy game for Spring for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Pages from the free printable springtime ispy game from Rainy Day Mum.

iSpy Spring Game

iSpy games are great for little ones to practice different skills, whether you are looking for how many objects, objects with the same letter or the same object but different sizes. Our simple sping iSpy printable works on counting out.

Closeup of one of the pages of the springtime iSpy free printable from Rainy Day Mum.

We’ve got 2 versions great for changing things up with 8 different springtime objects to find. Just count them up with your little ones and record the numbers.

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Pinterest image for a FREE Printable Springtime iSpy Game for Preschoolers showing a close up and the 2 pages enclosed.

Tips for Using the Spring iSpy Printables with Kids

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If you’re just introducing these iSpy activities for the first time with your little ones this spring them here’s some top tips I found really useful when using them with my own kids.

  • Use Counters – bring out a set of counters that you can use to cover the objects, this makes it easier so that your little ones don’t count the same things more than once.
  • Laminate and use white board markers – as you get more used to using the sheets you could make them reusable by laminating them and using whiteboard markers to circle the objects.
  • Progress to adding – as your little one gets older why not add on two or more different objects for example you may want to do the butterfly and the caterpillar on the blue sheet or the bee and the butterfly on the yellow one.

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Two pages from the ispy spring game from rainy day mum.

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FREE Printable Spring iSpy Activity

To get your spring iSpy printable just subscribe below and you will be taken straight to it. Don’t forget to download it to your computer or phone to print out. Then print it and use with your kids.

Pinterest image for FREE Spring ISpy For Little Kids showing the 2 pages.

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