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FREE Printable Summer Drawing Prompts for Kids

Summer is here and if you are looking for creative ideas to entertain the kids then we have a fantastically simple idea for you. A FREE Printable Summer Drawing Prompts Pack! With 12 different ideas for drawings that your kids whether they are tiny tots or big kids can do this pack is a great boredom buster and will inspire them to get creative. Just print and supply the equipment and let them get creative. So here you go our Summer Drawing Prompts for Kids FREE Printable.

Summer drawing prompt for kids printable from Rainy Day Mum sample pages on a wooden table background.

Summer Drawing Prompts for Kids

One of the things my kids do like to do is draw, paint and create. But, often they don’t know where to start so the drawing prompts are a great way to inspire them to start and create the pictures and images that they want.

I’ve produced this pack with 12 different prompts and then an individual page for each prompt so that you can easily use it on the go and take it with you. But, you can also print out the prompt sheet and supply art materials and let your kids get really creative.

A page from inside of the drawing prompts for summer on Rainy Day Mum showing the space available for a child to draw on.

Inspire them to sculpt, model, mix different media, and paint there is no end to the possibilities. Check out some of our favourite supplies for kids’ drawing and art that are ideal to use for these.

Why use Drawing Prompts

I am all for creativity, but just like writer’s block, there is an artist’s block as well. It’s either overwhelm with what shall I start with as just too many ideas, perfectionism creeping in, or it could be a fear of failure.

Because of these reasons, I love using prompts with my kids. They may start off as one idea but can very quickly morph into something different and even if it does that that is ok. It gave them the board to jump into their art and get started.

What is included in the FREE Printable Summer Drawing Prompts Pack

So what is included?

  • A sheet with all 12 prompts on
  • Each individual prompt on a sheet
  • Cover and “This belongs to” making it ideal even if you have multiple kids at home

All you need to do is supply some pencils, crayons, pens, and paint and let the kids get arty.

I’ve also produced the pack in A4 and US Letter Paper sizes so it’s easy for you to print!

Kids’ Summer Drawing Prompts

To give you a taster of just 3 of the drawing prompts included in the pack. Here are my kids’ favourites so you can see what they are:

  • Create a colourful picture of a beach with sand, waves, and seashells.
  • Create an underwater scene with colourful fish, coral reefs, and any other wonderful under-the-sea creatures you can think of!
  • Create a whimsical drawing of a hot air balloon floating through the summer sky.
Sample pages from a drawing prompts project pack for kids for summer fun showing part of the list of 12 different prompts.

How to Get the FREE Printable Drawing Prompts for Kids Summer Pack!

We’re adding this to our selection of FREE printables available exclusively to our subscribers.

When you subscribe to Rainy Day Mum not only do we share fun ideas, activities, crafts and recipes for kids from tots to teens. But you also have exclusive access to printables like this Summer Drawing Prompts for Kids for FREE.

Pinterest image for a FREE Printable Summer Drawing Prompts for Kids Journal.

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