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Fun Oil Pastel and Water Colour Galaxies

Art projects are always fun to do with kids of all ages. This space themed art project is easy to do and even toddlers and preschoolers can get involved. You’ll need some oil pastels (although wax crayons will work just as well) and some watercolour paints. Then inspired by the non-fiction picture book Galaxies Galaxies by Gail Gibbons you can create your own Galaxy Art with Kids.

Finished picture of oil pastel and water colour galaxies that kids can make
Space Art – Use Oil Pastels and Water Colours to create galaxies

Hi, I’m Cassie from 3 Dinosaurs. I’m a mom of 3 stomping, romping and roaring girls! I blog about some fun printables, crafts, and gross motor. I’m so happy to be doing the storybook summer on Rainy Day Mum again.

I’m so excited to be apart of space week. It has always been one of our favorite themes during the year. My girls and I love to explore this themed every chance we get! I’m always looking for new ways to explore space.

Reading about SPACE & Galaxies

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I love that there are so many great books to read about space. We enjoy the informational books as much as the story or picture books.

One of our favorite non-fiction has been about galaxies. They are amazing to read about. Plus we are always learning new information about them.

For this months storybook post we read Galaxies, Galaxies!: Second Edition by Gail Gibbons.

I love her non-fiction books. They always have great information for kids to help understand new ideas.

We love learning and reading about space. We read this book years ago but it was a fun review to read it again. We each took turns reading from the book and had fun. There were words my youngest had a hard time with but we still enjoyed reading the book together.

Child reading a non-fiction book about space

We learned about the size of different galaxies and that there are 5 different types. It is amazing how much you can learn in a simple book. We all had our favorite types of galaxies that we picked out. We talked about what colors ours would be.

Several years ago we did an oil pastel activity for galaxies and my girls wanted to do it again. So we changed it up and reread the same book we did years ago.

We have included affiliate links to some of the products and resources as an associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

What you need for the Galaxy Oil Pastel and Watercolor activity

materials needed to create the galaxy art work with kids
Materials needed for this Space Themed Art Project with Kids

More Art Project with Watercolours for Kids

Process art with kids exploring watercolour as a media

How to Make the Galaxy Oil Pastel and Watercolor activity

I had them pick from the 4 types of galaxies in the book. I asked what they wanted to do and why that one. I asked and what life they thought might live in that galaxy and places we could visit.

Child using a non-fiction book for inspiration to create Galaxy theme Art work

I love to have my girls start out by marking out sorta what they want to do with a pencil before we start the big drawing. You don’t have to do this but it helps.

Drawing the galaxy in a space theme art project with kids

Next, we worked on the color blending of the oil pastel crayons. You might have circles to fill out or fun lines. It all depends on how you want to do it. We each made our own idea of what it should look like.

creating colour blended galaxies with oil pastels and water colours

After we finished our galaxies we added some stars around the paper. We used the oil pastels to mark our starts on the paper. You can do a big dot or small dots for stars. It is all in how you want to do it. I love open art projects where you decide how it goes.

using oil pastels to create space theme art with kids

Finally, we painted our galaxies.

We used mostly black or dark color paints on the watercolors options.

We also tired to filing some of the white areas that were on the edge of the galaxies but left the white in the center to be small stars. It is fun to see the water bubble up around and on the oil pastels.

painting using water colours over an oil pastel galaxy reveals the white and colours formed

Here is a look at our final product:

Finished oil pastel Galaxies created by kids inspired by non fiction books

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Space art Project for Kids - Watercolor Galaxies with Oil Pastels
Cassie from 3 Dinosaurs

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  1. I don’t do enough of this type of thing with my girls – thankfully my eldest gets lots of opportunity at preschool! But this is something they’d both love, and we’ve recently invested in a tuff tray to contain mess. So, I might plan to do it over the holidays!

  2. beautiful kids you have there
    also great painting!
    really love this post

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