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Easy Sticker Activities for Toddlers

Stickers are great to use with toddlers. Not only do they form one of our favourite simple crafting activities but they are also great to help your preschoolers with fine motor skills and you can get creative with them throughout the year. So we’ve put together some of our favourite Easy Sticker Activities to do with your toddlers to keep them entertained at home.

collage of sticker fun for tots to learn play and create (text overlay) with 3 activities, number stickers, spider match and egg letter hunt game

Simple Sticker activities For Toddlers

toddler peeling stickers from a sheet

Whether you have sheets of stickers, those from magazines or foam stickers there is loads that can you do with your toddlers and them.

Have a look at some of these simple suggestions and have fun together.

Creating and Playing Games with Stickers

simple farm animal matching game made by mum and child using foam farm animal stickers

Why not use your stickers and create a simple game – this farm animal are you my mother game is great to play together as you teach your little one the names of the babies animals on the farm.

Love playing games with your toddlers then why not try some of our FREE Printable Games to play together.

Create a game to practice colour matching this spider sticker matching game is great for little hands to do and works on colour recognition as well.

How about creating your own puzzles like this pumpkin shadow matching puzzle game with some foam stickers.

games to make using stickers, matching the coloured dots to spiders, a whose my mother games with foam stickers and a prewriting tracing activity for toddlers

Stickers are fun for older and younger kids why not get your older siblings to play alongside your little ones as they make their own town like this sticker road map activity.

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Using Stickers for Learning Activities

Stickers are great for learning activities they are quick and easy to use and you can create your own supplies.

These number sticks are really easy to make and you can create them with different themes for your toddlers to use to help with counting from 1 to 5. Check out the simple instructions for DIY Counting Sticks.

pumpkin foam stickers used to create a DIY maths game for toddlers

Why not use the stickers to make your own DIY Maths Games like this simple pumpkin patch number game.

Sorting and ordering are great for toddlers to learn some basic maths concepts. This simple sticker sort for size is quick and easy to set up and will keep your tot happy whilst you go about your own things.

toddler counting pumpkin stickers in a homemade pumpkin book

Or how about creating books and number resources for your toddlers and younger preschoolers to use. Our Five Little Pumpkins DIY Sticker Story Book is a great example and one we had a lot of fun creating together.

You don’t even have to use fancy stickers – we love this Counting Snowballs Sticker Activity for tots that uses the hole renforcers perfect for some low prep maths for your little ones.

Love these simple ideas for hands-on learning to do with toddlers then check out these toddler maths games to make and play at home.

If you have a collection of number stickers this number sticker sort is fun and helps your toddler to order numbers as well as recognise them.

I Spy are fun games that you can play together and help with counting, shape recognition and more so why not use your stickers to create your own iSpy mats that you and your toddlers can use together.

Got some alphabet stickers and plastic eggs left over then combine the 2 and create your own Egg Letter Hunt to support your toddler learning their letter names and sounds.

collage of 3 activities to learn with using stickers, number find and order, egg letter hunt and snowball sticker count

Keep those letter stickers out and use them to match, with this sticker letter matching activity. You could start with the same case but why not use it with the opposite case matching them together too!

Practice some prewriting skills with this sticker matching activity that gets your toddler to draw lines between the matching stickers.

Want to know more about your toddler – why not use the stickers in a conversation activity to discover more about them. It’s so simple but may surprise you!

Sticker Crafts for Toddlers

toddler boy putting an animal sticker on a piece of green paper

Of course stickers also make an ideal crafting material.

Why not make a hibernating animal picture with stickers like we did!

sticker collage of forest animals in the winter

You could use stickers with a template to create a cute picture. This snail sticker craft is great as it comes with the snail template to use.

collage of 3 sticker craft for toddlers, animal picture, snail with coloured dots and coloured dot rainbow

Dot stickers are fun and you can use them to create some pretty dot art pictures (don’t they remind you a little of some of the 60s pop art pictures!)

A collage project with stickers that includes some learning! This fun shape sticker collage is ideal to make with your little ones and will take no time at all.

toddler peeling the backing from a mouse sticker

We love how bright and colourful this sticker craft for toddlers is. Why don’t you also create a beautiful rainbow with dots?

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Toddler peeling a sticker with text overlay reading Easy Sticker Activities for Toddlers


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