We love learning about space and have a fun new printable for you.

A set of space themed count and clip cards that your kids will love to use.

So here we go our Out of this World Maths Clip Cards to use and support your child counting.

FREE printable space themed count and clip cards for preschoolers

Space Count and Clip Cards

This set of clip cards is really easy to use and one that we bring out with our kids when we focus on our Space themed Units.

3 space themed count and clip cards with a peg and a model of the solar system

We put out the set for the kids with a clothes peg and let them explore as they will as well as sit with a focus activity helping them count out the space characters.

This particular set has been created for use with children that are progressing from counting objects in regular arrangements to be a little more challenging.

clip the counting cards matching the number of planets with the number at the base of the card

The space themed objects on the cards are different sizes and in an irregular arrangement.

What you will Need to Create your Own Space Count and Clip Cards

To create your own set of cards head over to our store and get your Space Themed Count and Clip Cards.

Just click on the images below to either go to the free set with numbers 1 to 5 or the complete set with 40 cards with numbers 1 to 10 covered.

free printable space themed count and clip cards numbers 1 to 5 pinterest image
space themed count and clip cards 1 to 10 to print and use in math centers

We find it best to print on to card as this makes the individual cards last longer and easier to hold.

With equipment like this we also recommend laminating the cards to make them longer lasting.

Count and clip cards with a space theme set up for a toddler to practice counting and number recognitioion

Using the Space Themed Clip and Count Cards with your Child

When using the count and clip cards together instead of an independent activity I like to start by reading a space-themed book aloud.

Then we start with the numbers the child is confident with and work on those first.

clipping number 1 to match 1 astronaut on the space count card

Once we review those numbers we start with the next set.

I often use a counter the first time we work on 1 to 1 counting to help my child to count the objects when focusing on numbers 6 – 10 as this helps them see visually which ones they have counted already.

full set of count and clip cards focusing on numbers 1 to 10 from Rainy Day Mum

Once we’ve spent around 15 minutes working together the cards are then placed out so that they can use them again.

Our Favourite Space Books to Read Aloud

We have included affiliate links to some of the products and resources as an associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

More Space Themed Activities to Do with Your Kids

Why not continue the fun with some of these Space Themed Activities to do together as well.

DIY Puffy Paint recipe and space themed artwork using the recipe based on the book If you Decide to go to the Moon by Faith McNulty.
Edible Moon Rocks Recipe to Cook with Kids a fun space themed snack for kids to make
close-up of a space themed sensory bin to make with kids

Make a moon with craters using our homemade puffy paint recipe.

Get cooking with some edible moon rocks that you and your kids will find ever so easy to make.

Put together a space themed sensory bin for your kids and let them play and explore.

Space counting cards on a wooden table with text reading Out of this world count and clip cards free printable for numbers 1 to 5
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  1. Oh I love this! I miss teaching. Now I make activities like this for my neighborhood preschool. I also read to the kids. I love Roaring Rockets The Berenstein Bears have a great space themed book

    1. I am so glad that you liked them. I’ll also check out the Berenstein Bears book we haven’t got that one in our collection.

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