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Create a Nature Face

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How I feel is a brand-new activity book for children aged 3-7. Written by children’s wellbeing author and psychotherapist Becky Goddard-Hill. It contains 40 fun wellbeing activities to help young children talk more easily about their feelings. It also helps them to be kinder, happier, calmer, and braver and helps build up their self-belief and growth mindset.

A child's feet in the leaves with the cover of the How I Feel book by Becky Goddard-Hill published by Collins. Text overlay reads Nature Faces and Book Review.

How I Feel Book for Kids

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This useful book is beautifully illustrated and packed to the brim with lovely things to do that make social emotional learning fun. It is also written in a clear and accessible style so many young children will be able to read it themselves.

Here Becky shares an extract form the book from the section on ways to feel calmer – it is a simple and fun activity that encourages kids to get outside and to get creative – to know new ways to help kids feel calmer.

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Create a Nature Face

Scientists have found that spending time in nature makes you feel happy. Exercise makes you happy too, so going on a nature walk is a great idea.

Family on a nature walk in the forest looking for things to collect.

On your nature walk 

Take a bag or bucket with you to collect lots of little bits of nature. 

Example page from the How I Feel Book by Becky Goddard-Hill for an activity to create Nature Faces from objects found on a Nature Walk.
Sample page from the How I Feel Book by Becky Goddard-Hill published by Collins

Look for things like …

  • Leaves
  • Small twigs
  • Little flowers
  • Feathers
  • Grass

Be sure to wash your hands after picking them up!

Nature collection that kids have found on walks throughout the year.

When you get home…

  1. Draw an oval on a piece of card. 
  2. Draw on eyes, a nose and a big smile. 
  3. Use the things you have found in nature to make hair. Glue them on carefully
  4. Leave your picture to dry
Creating Nature Faces illustration from the How I Feel book by Becky Goddard-Hill.
Illustration from the How I Feel book by Becky Goddard-Hill showing the creation of a nature face.

You might want to make it look like you or someone you know.  Perhaps you could make all your family?

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Top Tip: Going outside is a quick way to change how you feel

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Cover of the How I Feel book by Becky Goddard-Hill.

How I Feel is available to purchase here

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