As a child every Halloween my mum would get out the paper pack and we would create a set of paper chains to decorate the house. It’s a Halloween Crafting Tradition that I’ve carried on with my own children and I wanted to share with your our Printable Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Paper Chains so that you can create your Halloween Paper Chains with your Toddlers and older kids.

Easy Halloween Paper Chains to Make with Kids

Paper chains are an easy decoration to make with kids. When we first made these back when we had a toddler and a baby we just used some purple and green construction paper.

Easy Halloween Paper Chain made with a toddler using purple and green construction paper.
Purple and green paper chain – brings back so many childhood memories and the ones we first made and published here in 2011!

We sat and made the loops together and then hung them up around the house as we prepared for a little toddler Halloween party.

As the kids have got older we’ve done similar, raided my scrapbooking pack but this year they wanted to get creative and have a set of Halloween Pumpkins for their decorations. So I was set the task of creating a set so they could make some.

Easy Halloween Paper Chains to Make with Toddlers
Easy to make Halloween Paper Chains with Kids. Even Toddlers and you can do this together.

Halloween Paper Chain Printable

We have created 2 paper chains templates for you to download depending on where you are in the world.

The first produces the “fat” paper chains that you see in the pictures, the second produces much thinner chains as there is 6 to a page instead of 5.

Free printable Halloween Paper Chain papers
Free Printable Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Paper Chains

You can click on the button below to get both sets and then follow the instructions below for printing correctly.

Printing your Pumpkin Paper Chains

The file contains both sizes of paper chains. Each set will print around 60cm of paper chain or 2 foot so repeat as many times as you wish.

Printing Large Paper Chains

  1. Place 3 pieces of orange paper into the printer.
  2. Select print in the PDF.
  3. Print only “Pages 5, 6 and 7”.
  4. Place 1 piece of purple paper and 1 piece of green paper in the printer.
  5. Print page 8 twice.

Printing Slim Paper Chains

  1. Place 2 pieces of orange paper in the printer.
  2. Select print in the PDF.
  3. Print only “Pages 2 and 3”.
  4. Place 1 piece of purple paper and 1 piece of green paper in the printer.
  5. Print Page 4 twice.

Top Tip for Making Paper Chains with Multiple Kids

Halloween Paper Chains to Make with kids with free printables
Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Paper Chain so easy even Toddlers can make.

My kids both like to make paper chains at the same time. But, to be honest we don’t need that many paper chains. So, instead, they each make some and then we join them together.

To do this once they are finished we make sure that they finish on a coloured paper, making sure that they are different colours.

connecting 2 paper chains together
Connecting 2 paper chains together – crafting with multiple kids at the same time.

Then take the orange and then join them together.

Simply then stick that connecting chain together to join your two chains from the kids.

silly face pumpkin paper chain to make with kids
Fun Halloween Paper Chain to Make with Kids
homemade halloween paper chains with free printable jack-o-lantern faces to make with kids

How to Make Pumpkin Faces Halloween Paper Chains with Kids

Cerys Parker
A simple how to with free printable paper to create a set of Jack-o-Lantern Paper Chains with kids.
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Prep Time 5 mins
Cook Time 20 mins

Equipment Needed

  • Printer
  • Scissor

Materials Needed

  • Orange Paper that will go through your printer
  • Green Paper that will go through your printer
  • Purple Paper that will go through your printer
  • Sticky Tape


  • Follow the instructions for printing above depending on the size of paper chains you want.
    Free printable Halloween Paper Chain papers
  • Cut up the paper strips.
  • Form a ring with the first orange Jack-O-Lantern and stick the ends together with sticky tape.
  • Use a purple strip of paper and thread through the orange ring. Now stick to form a loop connected.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the paper strips. We alternated orange, purple, orange, green through our chains. (Read our tip on connecting the paper chains together if you have more than 1 child making them).
    connecting 2 paper chains together
  • Once complete hang up.
    Easy Halloween Paper Chains to Make with Toddlers



Read our tip above for making these paper chains with multiple kids as well as the full printing instructions.
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Halloween Paper Chain Craft for Kids
Pumpkin Paper Chain easy Halloween Craft for Toddlers.

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More Halloween Fun for Families

As I said the paper chains is one of our Halloween Family Traditions. They decorate the house and along with pumpkin carving, it’s not Halloween if they aren’t up. However, we’ve shared a few more so check out the ideas below and see what you will incorporate today.

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Pumpkin Halloween Paper Chains
Toddler Crafts on Rainy Day Mum to make Pumpkin Halloween Paper Chains
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Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, teacher, mum, and home educator from the UK. She loves getting creative, whether it is with simple and easy crafts and ideas, activities to make learning fun, or delicious recipes that you and your kids can cook together you'll find them all shared here on Rainy Day Mum.


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