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Printable Halloween Paper Chains for Kids

Growing up, Halloween wasn’t just about dressing up or going trick-or-treating. It was also about bonding with family over simple crafts, like creating decorative paper chains perfectly simple Halloween Decorations that we used to decorate the house and even my classroom when I taught. Passing down this beloved tradition to my children, I’m sharing our Printable Jack-o-Lanterns Halloween Paper Chains with you. Whether you’re crafting with toddlers or older kids, this decoration adds that special touch to your Halloween setting.

A paper chain made with a free printable Jack-o-lantern template for Halloween.

Simple Halloween Paper Chains

There’s an inexplicable joy in making paper chains. It’s a straightforward and even very young kids can get involved. Recalling our first attempt, with my then toddler and baby, we kept it simple with purple and green construction paper. Over the years, as the little ones grew, so did their aspirations. This year, they decided on a Halloween Pumpkin theme. So, naturally, I obliged!

Easy Halloween Paper Chain made with a toddler using purple and green construction paper.
Purple and green paper chain – brings back so many childhood memories and the ones we first made and published here in 2011!
Halloween paper chains with spooky faces on.
Easy to make Halloween Paper Chains with Kids. Even Toddlers and you can do this together.

What you will need to Make your Halloween Paper Chains

  • Halloween Paper Chains printable template below
  • Scissors
  • Orange, purple and green paper
  • Sticky tape or glue

How to Make your Jack-o-Lantern Paper Chains

Start off by printing your paper chains instructions for making the chunky chains and the thinner chains are below.

For Chunky Paper Chains

  1. Insert 3 sheets of orange paper into your printer.
  2. Open the PDF and choose the ‘Print’ option.
  3. Print specifically “Pages 5, 6, and 7”.
  4. For the next set, insert 1 sheet of purple and 1 of green.
  5. Print page 8 twice.

Printing Slim Paper Chains

  1. Place 2 pieces of orange paper in the printer.
  2. Select print in the PDF.
  3. Print only “Pages 2 and 3”.
  4. Place 1 piece of purple paper and 1 piece of green paper in the printer.
  5. Print Page 4 twice.

Putting Together the Paper Chains

1. Cut up the paper strips.

Printed out Jack-o-lantern Paper Chains.

2. Form a ring with the first orange Jack-O-Lantern and stick the ends together with sticky tape.

making paper chains, form a ring and stick together.

3. Use a purple strip of paper and thread through the orange ring. Now stick to form a loop connected.

Purple loop for the next part of the paper chain.

4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the paper strips. We alternated orange, purple, orange, green through our chains. (Read our tip on connecting the paper chains together if you have more than 1 child making them).

Once complete hang up.

Halloween paper chains made using a free printable ideal for Halloween Party Decorations.

Pro-Tip for Multi-Kid Crafting

Both my kids adore crafting paper chains simultaneously. Yet, one household can only accommodate so many! Our solution? Both craft separately and then join their creations. To merge, ensure the last chain on each end is a different color. Then, join them using an orange link. Voila! You have a combined masterpiece.

Joining Halloween Paper Chains together when made by multiple kids.

Looking for even more ideas then why not check out our fun and simple Mummy crafts for kids there are lots of ideas for simple decorations that are perfect to make alongside these Paper Chains.

FREE Halloween Paper Chains Templates!

We’ve designed two paper chain templates for you. The ‘chunky’ design, featuring in the attached images, and a slimmer version – offering a choice of aesthetics.

To get the set you just need to subscriber to Rainy Day Mum and they will be sent straight to your inbox.

Pinterest image for FREE Printable Halloween Jack-o-lantern paper chains.

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More Halloween Fun for Families

As I said the paper chains is one of our Halloween Family Traditions. They decorate the house and along with pumpkin carving, it’s not Halloween if they aren’t up. However, we’ve shared a few more so check out the ideas below and see what you will incorporate today.

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But, in our house, no celebration would be complete without food. And we love making Fun Food for Halloween with the kids. So check out our Halloween Recipes to Cook with Kids.

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