Create Your Own Kindness is a brand new activity book by Becky Goddard-Hill for children age 6-12. It contains 50 kindness activities teaching children how to be kind to themselves, other people and to the world.

In this activity from the book Becky shares with us how to go about creating a kindness journal

Cover of create your own Kindness book for teens from Becky Goddard-Hill

A kindness journal can be a brilliant be a place for kids to:

  • Explore ideas about kindness.
  • List some Random acts of kindness they might like to try.
  • Write up inspiring stories about kindness they have heard.
  • Write up kind things they have done for themselves.
  • Write up kind things they have done for other people.
  • List the top 10 kind people they know.
  • And anything else you like!

It is essentially a scrapbook of feelings, ideas and stories about kindness. They can use lists and diagrams, photos and tables anything at all to keep their thoughts and inspirations about kindness collected.

young girl laying on her bed journaling in a notebook

How to create a kindness journal.

All you need to make a kindness journal is an unlined notebook and then anything else you can find plus a splash of creativity.

Don’t just write! 

Illustrate, decorate, list make, mind map and use anything and everything that inspires you.

Journals look amazing if you use mixed media, bits from nature, newspaper cuttings, paint, crayons, coloured pencils, ink photo, stickers, bits of fabrics.

Create Your Own Kindness is available now from Amazon and all good bookshops

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