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How to Boost Kids’ Confidence

One of the things as a teacher and parent I have come to believe more and more is that confidence is the key to success, especially with kids. My lovely friend Becky, an author and psychotherapist has just published 2 books for kids about confidence one for teens and one for 6 – 12 year olds. Here’s a short extract from just one of the parts of the book for 6 to 12 years called Create your Own Confidence all about how to boost confidence in your young kids.

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Create Your Own Confidence Book

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Create Your Own Confidence is a brand new activity book by psychotherapist Becky Goddard-Hill. It is aimed at 6–12-year-olds to support them to positive emotional wellbeing.

The book looks at a variety of issues impacting kids’ confidence including problem solving, public speaking and making friends

Each topic includes an activity for kids to try out and is robustly supported by science and research.

More books by Becky featured here on Rainy Day Mum – 365 Days of Wellbeing books, Nature Crafts for Kids, Create your Own Kindness, Create your Own Calm and Create your Own Happiness.

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Here Becky shares an extract from the book

Turning your “I can’t”s  into “I can”s 

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right, – henry ford

There are many things I can’t do that I would like to be able to do, 

  • I cannot bring my Grandad back to life, 
  • I can’t go back to being 6 again and
  • I can’t ride a unicycle


  • I can put up photos of my lovely grandad and remember happy times with him. 
  • I can play games from my childhood to remember how it felt to be 6 
  • I can learn to ride a unicycle.with a lot of practice.

See what I did there? 

I turned my I can’t into I can, The “I can’t”s made me feel a little sad and frustrated but they ‘I can’s were much more positive and made me feel happier and more excited.

When you say ‘I can’t’ nothing happens and you get stuck, but when you say I can it usually leads you to take a positive action.

How it works

Psychologist Angela Duckworth believes it is passion (being excited about what we want to achieve) and perseverance (hard work)  that will lead us to success.

This is useful to know because these are things you can control. So if you want something to be happen focus on your goal and get to work! 

How to switch your I can’t 

Rather than saying I can’t and giving up try asking yourself this question. 

What do I need to succeed?

Maybe you need to ….

  1. Eat first
  2. Rest for a bit
  3. Practice again
  4. Think about it differently 
  5. Ask for help 
  6. Get a new coach
  7. Involve a friend
  8. Try a new way of doing something

Activity – Yes you can 

Write down two you can’t do yet. 1 small thing and 1 big thing 

Using the list above decide what you need to succeed at your small thing and write your plan. Now give it a go! When you have practiced putting your ‘I can’ attitude to work and succeeded give your big thing a go.

Create Your Own Confidence is published by Harper Collins and is out now

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