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How to Help kids to feel Peaceful

It gives me great joy to share a friend’s work with you here today on Rainy Day Mum, Becky Goddard-Hill. She’s a fantastic blogger and author of children’s activities books and now some brand new handy little pocket-sized wellbeing books for kids. You can find her sharing some other ideas for her books with our leaf activities for Halloween, Kindness Journalling, Yoga for Calmness and our Recycled Rocket Robot.

Covers of the 365 Days of books by Becky Goddard-Hill to help with kids wellbeing.

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365 Days of Wellbeing Books for Kids

365 days of calm is a brand-new colourful pocket-sized book by wellbeing author and children’s psychotheprist Becky Goddard-Hill.  It is out this week alongside 365 days of happy and 365 days of Kind.

These are all lovely pocket-sized hardbacks designed to offer daily prompts to children in regard to supporting their emotional health.  These gorgeous little books are packed full of ways to encourage 6–12-year-olds develop a healthy growth mindset and robust emotional wellbeing.

Each week has a theme and starts with an activity followed on by quotes and daily affirmations related to the theme.

These books are a simple and light-hearted way to promote social emotional learning without it seeming like you are!  The vibrant colours and gorgeous designs make it an appealing way for kid to access motivational and inspiring prompts to enable them to be calmer more often.

Every day of the year quotes, affirmations and activities for kids books from Becky Goddard Hill

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Peace Week from 365 Days of Calm

Let’s look at the week themed around peace and the activities, quotes and affirmations.

Peace Week Activity

Activity : Get yourself a really comfy pillow of cushion to sit on and get comfortable. Play some relaxing classical music without words  (I like Chopin’s Nocturnes)  


Close your eyes and imagine yourself walking through a beautiful forest of glorious trees filled with pink blossoms. Take slow deep breaths and really look around. Taking in the beautiful blue skies and the towering trees and the blossom floating down past your eyes to lie on the ground like snow beneath your feet. 

Stay in the forest till you feel totally at peace then slowly open your eyes. 

You can always create your own peace

Peace Week Quotes

 Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without


Sky above. Earth below. Peace within.


Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt.

St. Francis of Assisi

Looking for more book recommendations to support your and your child’s mental health then check out these Top Books for Mental Health

Peace Week Affirmations

I am peaceful

I can create my own peace

Peace is really important to wellbeing and teaching kids ways to feel peaceful is a powerful way to help them feel more calm.

365 days of calm is out now in the UK and will be released in the USA in February 2023 you can preorder there now.

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