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FREE Printable Bird Watching Journal for Kids

One of the simplest nature study activities that you can do around the year with your kids is bird watching. Whether you observe the birds in your garden or back yard or you head to a local nature reserve there is so much to see and learn about. Our FREE Printable Bird Watching Journal is an ideal way to record those observations as you learn more about the birds, just scroll down for our guide and access to your FREE nature study printable for your kids.

Pinnable image of the pages of a free printable bird watching journal for kids

Bird Watching Journal

Our bird watching journal is a great way for your kids to record and observe the nature around them throughout the year.

It’s made up of 3 pages – a front cover perfect for collating the sheets together over the year and then 2 pages that make up the journal.

bird watching tally page part of the printable bird watching journal

A page for a tally of the birds that you see on a visit or observation sessions of your garden bird feeder.

The other sheet is for a specific bird, we love filling this one in once a month with our new bird of the month. This maybe a summer visitor, a new bird we’ve spotted on a nature reserve trip or a surprise visitor to our bird feeder.

bird profile journal page from the free printable on rainy day mum

Over time this will build up into your child’s own bird observation book and will help them to identify the birds that they see over time.

Citizen Science Bird Watching for Kids

Of course, this is also a fantastic free printable to use with the Big Garden Bird Watch run by the RSPB in the UK and The Great Backyard Bird Count which is global and the UK can join in too. These citizen science projects are ideal for kids to join in with and help to monitor populations of birds over time.

3 kids bird watching in a nature reserve looking at the tree through binoculars

Find out more about them by clicking on the links above, but having done this for a number of years with our own kids it’s a fun activity that they know they are scientists for the day.

How to Attract Bird to Your Garden

One of the best ways to attract birds to your garden to watch throughout the year is to create an environment that they will love.

a great tit entering a homemade nest box in the garden.

Provide shelter for them in the form of trees and bushes but also a place to bring up their young. Our DIY Nest box is ideal for all ages to make.

Then provide food for them birds – we have a selection of bird food recipes that you can use, but our favourite two are this DIY Fat Ball Recipe that kids and adults alike can make and this easy apple slice bird feeder.

FREE Printable Kids Bird Watching Journal

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Just fill in your details below and you will receive an email with a link to download your kids bird watching journal.

Nature Study Activities for Kids

Looking for more ideas for simple nature activities for kids, how about trying some of these below:

How to grow salads with kids in small spaces
toddler and grandfather looking at the creatures in a rock pool in Norfolk, UK
DIY Wormery from a plastic bottle to make with kids
  • Growing things is great – it teaches children how plants grow as well as where their food comes from. Our quick and easy salad container is great for growing in even the e smallest outdoor space with kids.
  • Get out and explore – one of our favourite habitats to explore with kids is the shore and the rock pools or tide pools that form there. See our guide to rock pooling with kids.
  • Learn about what worms do below the soil with our easy wormery in a bottle activity. It makes it really easy to see what the worms are doing and the kids will love to observe it over time.


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