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Fun Bee Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers

We love Bees here on Rainy Day Mum and this selection of fun bee crafts and activities for your preschoolers are great to do. Grab some supplies and let’s get creative with these friendly bee crafts for your little ones.

a collage of some simple and fun bee crafts for preschoolers to make

Bees for Preschoolers

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Whether its a fluffy little bumblebee or a honey bee buzzing around it’s that time of the year when the garden or park is full of them. So if your little ones are eager to discover more about them or inspired then here’s some crafts and activities that they can do for fun and learn more.

Bee Crafts for Preschool

We love to craft and these simple and easy crafts are great fun to do with your preschoolers. Check them out below.

paper plate bee on a string being held by a young girl. The bee bounces and looks like it is flying.

Paper plates are a fantastic crafting material and this bouncing bee craft is made with one and it is so simple for your little one to make. Yes, the bee even bounces up and down to look like it is flying.

Speaking of paper plates this cute little paper plate bee craft is great – the tearing of the paper is a fantastic fine motor skill and it looks so good.

3 cute bee crafts made from simple materials for preschoolers to make. A cardboard tube bee, playdough bee and a cute beehive and bee from an egg carton.

This cardboard tube bee uses yarn to make the stripes so simple and yet so effective. Plus the wrapping around of the cardboard tube is great for fine motor skills.

How about having a go at making some simple bees with this cork-printed bee art? I just love how simple it is to do and unlike fingerpainting which always ends up messy, this has a little less chance to do so.

Although this can be a little messy Symmetry Printing is great and when I saw this bee squish print craft I just knew my little ones would love it.

pine cones wrapped in orange yarn to look like bumble bees.

Nature finds make great crafting materials and these cute little pine cone bumble bees are fantastic fun to make.

We love puppets and this craft stick bee puppet is a quick and easy craft that your little ones will need very little help with. Definitely my favourite sort of craft.

Another cute puppet you could try to make is this paper bag bee – depending on your preschoolers skill level and patience you may want to make the bee wings ahead of time so that they can get the bee buzzing around as quickly as possible.

A craft that they can use afterwards to keep themselves entertained. Now that sounds like a win for all. This simple rock painting bee craft is great for your kids to make and then use!

So I’ve seen a pasta butterfly before and that was cute, but have you ever seen a pasta bee craft? No well then check out this one!

Love these ideas then don’t forget to save them!

Pinterest collage of a bee with some fun bee crafts for preschoolers below. The text reads Bee Crafts and Activities for Preschoolers.

Crafts with preschoolers don’t have to be permenant – playdough makes an excellent crafting material and this playdough bee activity is great for your little ones – they can craft a bee to their hearts content and all the time they are developing their fine motor muscles as well. Don’t worry if your don’t have any playdough our homemade playdough recipe is great (no cook and ready in just 5 minutes!) Just add yellow and black food colouring to batches for this activity.

You don’t just have to use paper and cardstock to create a craft this twirling bee craft uses duct tape! It will be strong and water repellent ideal to add some colour to the garden this summer and the occasional shower won’t damage it too much!

I’ve mentioned paper plates and cardboard tubes already – but do you know what else makes a great crafting material egg cartons, especially the paper ones! This bee hive and honeybee craft looks so cute just be aware it will take a little longer than some of the other crafts.

Activities for Preschoolers to Learn More about Bees

bee activities for preschoolers collage. 3 fun activities a diy felt bee hive, bee fine motor skills and a twirling bee for the garden.

Want to delve more into beehives this is a fantastic DIY felt beehive that you can make your little ones to play with. Combine with a bee lifecycle set and your little ones will be able to use the knowledge from the book to create a realistic beehive with the different stages of the bees life.

It’s easy to observe bees in your own area and not just the honey and bumble bees buzzing around. Lots of bees are solitary and by making a bee hotel you can encourage them into your yard and provide a safe space for them.

Have you heard of “The Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky-Korsakov? It’s a piece of classical music and worth listening to as it was inspired by the seemly random movements of a bumblebee as it goes about the garden. My kids loved it and whilst listening to it we had a go at this painting-by-music activity.

Fine motor activities are always a good idea to do with your preschoolers they work on improving that pincer grip that is so important for pen control later on. This cute little honey bee activity is simple to set up and do with your tots.

Bee Books to Read Together

A collage showing the covers of the recommended books featuring bees for toddlers and preschoolers to learn more about these critical insects

Let’s set the scene with our little ones and grab one of our favourite bee books to read together. We’re loving Discovering the Busy of the Beehive at the moment and it’s taken up residence on our nature table as we observe the bees buzzing around on the flowers outside the window.

Bee Resources for Preschoolers

I mentioned it above but this bee life cycle model is fantastic for learning a little more. What I most like about models from this brand is that you can get a life cycle tray which makes it easy for little ones to see that it’s not a linear process instead it’s a cycle. So if you already have some models you can buy the tray separate or the first set you get buy with a tray and then use and repeat.

This little bee hive stacking model and game is beautiful but it’s also great for working on fine motor activities with your little ones.

We love games here this beehive game is fantastic. You have to help the worker bees to build a hive around the queen with the shaped blocks you have available. There are hundreds of different possibilities for your kids to do. All the while it’s working on problem solving whilst having fun.

More Preschool Activities

Check out these other preschool activity themes that your little ones will love!

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