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Fun and Simple Owl Activities for Preschoolers

We love Owls here in the Rainy Day Mum house and have been reading and doing some activities with our preschooler all about them. So I thought I would share some of the best that we have done so that you can do them too! So here goes our pick of the best crafts and activities for Preschoolers all about Owls.

Owl crafts and activities for preschoolers collage with cutting practice, paper plate crafts, shape activities and yarn lacing for fine motor skills

Owl Theme for Preschool

Owls are wonderful birds. When you start to learn about them you start to discover things like, not all owls are nocturnal! Some are Crepuscular – meaning they are around in the twilight hours of dusk and dawn, others are completely diurnal and happy to fly about during the day!

A collage of some of the fantastic owl books for toddlers and preschoolers including owl babies and owl moon

Where did those facts come from – well our fabulous selection of owl books for kids. We loved picking these out to share with you from the classic Owl Babies to some non-fiction books with all the facts. My favourite the Barn Owls probably because of all of the owls it too is my favourite one.

Before you close your books make sure that you have helped your preschooler to make this adorable little origami owl bookmark together it’s so sweet and your little one will then start to learn about saving their page in the books.

Fun Owl Activities for Preschoolers

Printable baby owls to use in this hands-on shape activity for preschoolers. Working on colour recognition, 2D Shapes and sorting.

Inspired by our favourite story book about owls, Owl Babies this FREE printable Owl shape game is great for playing with your preschooler as they learn their different shapes.

Speaking of shapes – this owl shape craft is ideal to do alongside the printable shape activity game above. Your kids will love to create these colourful owls and learn their shapes at the same time.

This owl-inspired process art activity is brilliant for letting your kids get creative. Unlike a craft, process art doesn’t have a finalized product and it’s a great way for little ones to learn more about different media and mark-making.

3 owl activities, fine motor owl lacing craft, owl shape craft and a free printable owl babies shape game

O is for Owl a perfect letter learning activity for your little ones is to create some handprint alphabet art with this O is for Owl Letter Craft.

A little prep from you will mean your little ones can have hours of fun with this Owl Felt Board Activity. It’s great for fine motor skills, colour recognition and playing so get crafty and produce this reusable resource for your owl unit study

Bottle top craft owl

An old one from here on Rainy Day Mum but this cutting practice owl craft for preschoolers is great. The cuts look just like feathers and it’s so simple to do. Check out the full instructions to inspire you to do it with your little one too.

Lacing and threading are such fantastic crafts and activities for kids because they help to develop fine motor control as well as improve hand-eye coordination. This cute little owl lacing craft is perfect you could set it up in a little center for your kids to enjoy independently or sit and do one yourself alongside them.

Collage of 4 of the best owl activities and crafts for preschoolers

Cardboard tubes and toilet roll tubes make great free crafting materials to use with your preschoolers and these toilet paper tube owls are colourful and cute and really easy to make. Why not try them with your preschoolers.

Another great crafting material is paper bags. They make the most fantastic puppets! And this paper bag owl puppet is ideal. Why not make a few and then use them to retell the story of the Owl Babies with your preschoolers. Retelling through play is one of the best ways to help them to pick up on comprehension skills and develop their understanding of literature.

Little Hoot craft

One of the easiest and simplest owl crafts for preschoolers is to make some little pine cone owls. We made them after reading the book Little Hoot!

Paper plates are one of our favourite crafting materials, they are cheap and cheerful (and when we run out I can create our own with circle template!). So these paper plate owls were so much fun to make. Don’t you just love how the wings are made?

Pinterest Image for Owl Activities for Preschoolers with a picture of a barn owl and then below 5 different owl activities to do with preschoolers

A fun FREE printable to make with your little ones is the fantastic Owl Headband. I love the eyes on this and my kids loving playing owls wearing them.

A variation on that paper plate owl is this one! I love again the wings and how different it is from the previous one. Aren’t they just so cute?

More Activity Ideas for Preschoolers

Check out these other activity ideas for preschoolers that we are sure they will love just as much.

Have some out of this world fun with these fantastic space activities for toddlers and preschoolers that you and your little ones can do together.
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