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Dinosaur Crafts and Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Do you have a dinosaur-crazy toddler or preschooler? Then these simple crafts and activities are ideal. From dinosaur feet to stomp around the house with, to fantastic fossils to create these easy dinosaur crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers are totally roarsome and your little ones will love. So let’s get making!

A collage of 7 fun dinosaur activities and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers.

Fun Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

Grab your scissors, construction paper, egg cartons, and googly eyes. Clear the area, and set out some glue, paint, and markers. Then get ready momma to get creative with these Roarsome Dinosaur-Themed Crafts and Art Projects with kids.

collage of dinosaur activities and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet

dinosaur feet from tissue boxes

I had to start this off with an awesome craft for kids, our Rainy Day Mum favourite easy paper dinosaur craft is DIY dinosaur feet. They are so easy to make, no hot glue gun is needed like a lot of these that I have found tutorials for on the internet. You can do them spur of the moment when the kids want to stomp around and roar like t-rex.

DIY Dinosaur Footprints

diy dinosaur footprints from sponges

On a much smaller scale, you can make these DIY Dinosaur Footprint stamps and stomp, and stamp around the paper. Wouldn’t these just make the most perfect wrapping paper for a dinosaur loving child!

Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

salt dough dinosaur fossils to make with kids

Create your own Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils and if you use the quick Salt dough recipe it will be minutes before the fossils are formed instead of millennia.

Frozen Dinosaur Excavation

A hand holding a kids pippette dropping warm water on frozen egg shapes with toy dinosaurs hidden inside.

Make your own frozen dinosaur eggs and let your kids excavate them with this activity that combines fine motor skills, science and play.

Paper Plate and Clothespins Dinosaur STEM Project

can you balance a dinosaur paper plate craft for kids

If you have any paper plates laying around this part learning, part STEM challenge and part craft this Balancing Paper Plate Dinosaur Challenge is fun for kids to make and do.

Dinosaur Process Art

simple art with dinosaurs

This process art project is ideal for toddlers and preschooler – a bag of your dinosaur toys and you are ready to go.

Sun Dinosaur Footprints

solar dinosaur foot prints

Harness the power of the sun and create some Dinosaur Foot Prints with free printable templates this summer ideal for easy-to-set-up mess-free craft for kids and comes complete with dinosaur footprint templates.

Cardboard Dinosaur Craft

cardboard box dinosaurs

Such a fun, messy cardboard box craft and you could easily use the Cardboard Box Dinosaur to eat numbers, colours, letters or words as well supporting learning at the same time as having fun making.

Got more than one child at home and love to do crafts but finding it tricky? Check out our top tips for crafting with 2 or more kids under 4! We did it and so can you!

collage of some fun dinosaur activities and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

Modelling Clay Dinosaur Fossils

dinosaur toothpick foosils

Not all of the crafts have to be permanent these dinosaur fossils and imprint activities are short and sweet, easy to set up and easily cleared away as well perfect for quick dinosaur themed activities for kids.

Chocolate Chip Dinosaur Cookies Recipe

dinosaur cookies

I’m never sure whether to include cooking as a craft but as we only have 1 dinosaur recipe I thought I might as well these Chocolate Chip Dinosaur Cookies are perfect to eat whilst you read one of our favourite Dinosaur Books Edwina the Dinosaur that didn’t know she was extinct by Mo Willems.

Dinosaur Shadow Puppets

dinosaur shadow puppets

Create your own Dinosaur Shadow Puppets in this simple craft and play activity.

easy and fnu dinosaur crafts and activities for toddlers

Fun Dinosaur Activities for Sensory Play

These fun sensory play activities are a ton of fun. We love putting them together they are so quick and easy and the kids love them so much. They provide hours and hours of fun.

Dinosaur Fossil Dig

homemade dinosaur excavations

Excavation dinosaurs in different substances is such fantastic sensory play and we’ve shared a few over the years – the first is some dinosaur bones and fossils in sand.

Dinosaur Construction Dig

dinosaurs in homemade kinetic sand

Have you used Kinetic Sand – this Dinosaur Dig activity includes a recipe for your own to make and play with. We love the Tuff Spot that is used as there is just so many different uses for it.

Taste Safe Dinosaur Sensory Play

simple to set up dinosaur sensory tub for taste safe play for toddlers

This taste safe dinosaur sensory bin is perfect for toddlers that put everything in their mouths. They will love the vibrant colours and have fun with the kitchen utensils as well.

Dinosaur Excavations

dinosaur fossil excavation in sand

The kinetic sand in the Tuff spot was some sensory play on a grand scale but it doesn’t have to be this small sensory tub based on the book Dinosaur Dig and using dinosaur skeletons is a lot of fun as well.

Dinosaur Garden Sensory Play

dinosaur small world play in a storage bin

This dinosaur sensory tub combines different materials for some small world play as well as a sensory experience and again forms part of the storybook summer series and features a beautiful book too.

Dinosaur Small World Play on the Water Table

dinosaur sensory play in the water table

Use the Water Table to create your Dinosaur Small World and use simple nature materials in the play with the toy dinosaurs.

Sample pictures of just 3 of the printable dinosaur activities and games available on the rainy day mum printable store.
Pinterest image of some DInosaur themed crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Learning with Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs provide such a rich topic to learn with and there are so many different activities that you can do. Just reading some of our favourite dinosaur books and then using them to inspire some literacy activities through to science investigations and maths.

Dinosaur Sand Tray

Dinosaur Sand Writing tray with alphabet cards

Practice letter formation with a simple sand tray and a set of Upper and Lower Case Dinosaur Alphabet Cards.

Dinosaur Footprints Trace Fossil Making

discovering how trace fossils are made

Learn how one of the forms of dinosaur fossils were formed in our Trace Fossil making in Edible Pretend Mud.

DIY Dino Game (Like Hungry Hippos)

dinosaur grab maths and motor skills game

Supporting fine motor skills as well as counting this DIY inspired Dino version of Hungry Hippos is a lot of fun to play together.

Discover, enjoy, play and learn with this BIG list of dinosaur crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers that can't be missed.

This conservation-themed book and activity is based around a “dinosaur” that is out to destory the forest home of the creatures. Creating the Duplo Dinosaur and then making some signs to save the forest is a good way to teach children about activism.

Dinosaur Egg Upper and Lower Letter Match

dinosaur upper and lower case letter matching game

Let the dino babies help your preschoolers to learn their upper and lower case letters with this literacy activity for them. Included is a free printable dinosaur babies and eggs.

Dinosaur Sight Words Activity

dinosaur sight word game

Once they have the hang of letters you can help them move on and one of our favourite older kid activities this school year has been these High Frequency Dino Eggs.

Dinosaur Math Questions

dinosaur math questions

If your Dinosaur mad like my kids then you probably have quite a selection of dinosaurs. These Dinosaur maths questions are quick to set up and you can do them as you play with the children. Working on counting and addition.

Dinosaur Science

how did dinosaur defences work dinosaur activity for preschoolers

A simple preschool dinosaur science experiment to really find out about that ball at the end of the dinosaur’s tail or spikes on the tail of Stegosaurus. Get those dinosaur toys out again and have fun with this easy preschool science experiment.

Fizzing Fossil Dinosaurs

dinosaur fizzy eggs

Discover how a paleontologist works by creating your own dinosaur eggs and excavating the toy dinosaurs from them.

Dinosaur Classification

sorting dinosaur by their teeth into herbivores and carnivores

What did dinosaurs eat, are there ways to tell explore this and involve some sorting and classification at the same time using the dinosaur toys as you and your child learn which dinosaurs were carnivores and which dinosaurs were herbivores.

Dinosaur Sorting and Grouping

teaching preschoolers about classification using toy dinosaurs

Once you’ve sorted by what they eat you can start to sort your dinosaurs by how many legs and feet they have – whether they are bipeds or quadrupeds.

Dinosaur Names and Letter Activity

dinosaur letter activity

A double activity – learn your letters using those dinosaur names and have some fun with a Saturday Night Dinosaur Stomp gross motor game.

dinosaur songs and rhymes to stomp and roar to for toddlers and preschoolers

Songs and rhymes are great for helping your toddlers and preschoolers with language and building strong foundations for writing and reading so why not sing some fantastic Dinosaur Songs and Rhymes together too.

Dinosaur Gifts and Products we recommend.

We have included affiliate links to some of the products and resources as an associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

These jumbo dinosaurs are one of my favourite dinosaur toys – although we have smaller dinosaurs (like the ones that we used to create our Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils) the jumbo dinosaurs are great for stomping and roaring as well as playing without in the garden and being able to find again unlike the tiny dinosaurs.

Both my kids have been fascinated by Dinosaur Fossils and although we have had a few fossil kids and made our own their favourite thing has always been the set of dinosaur skeletons that I bought when they were young. They both have always been fascinated by bones.

To try and encourage my dinosaur-loving little boy to learn his letters we purchased dinosaur learning resources like this Dinosaur Alphabet Jigsaw and had a lot of fun slotting it together. It was ideal as a quiet time activity as well and would keep him occupied putting it back together whilst his sister napped.

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