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Paper Plate Bouncy Bee

Fun and interactive kids craft to make a bouncy bee

For our final post for this weeks storybook summer (and do pop on over and check out all of this week’s posts – plus last week’s Dinosaur posts) we’re introducing the book The Very Greedy Bee[affiliate link] by Steve Smallman and our guest blogger Arty Crafty Kids has got a fun craft that ends up creating a bouncy bee for you. So here I go handing over to them.

My eldest can recite the “The Very Greedy Bee [affiliate link] word for word. She loves the story and will act out the sounds with an excited “buzz” and “slurp” as the bee moves from flower to flower gobbling up all the nectar. As with all good books, there’s a moral to the story, conveyed simply for little ones to understand.

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The Very Greedy Bee starts off, well, very greedy! although he soon becomes a very sad bee who gets himself into a spot of trouble. Through the kindness of others he’s returned safely to the hive and realises that sharing is much more fun!

Our Paper Plate Bouncy Bee craft is inspired by this charming story, with its beautiful illustrations, vibrant colours and engaging characters. And I have to say, my girls are delighted to now have their very own Bouncy Bee to go with their “buzzes” and “slurps”.

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Paper Plate Bouncy Bee Materials:

x2 Paper Plates
Yellow and Black Paint
x2 Black Pipe Cleaners
Googly Eyes
A string of elastic
Sticky Tape

Fun and interactive kids craft to make a bouncy bee

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To make your own Paper Plate Bouncy Bee

We started by folding one of the paper plates in half and painting it, using yellow and black.

Whilst waiting for the plate to dry, we cut out the circular centre of the second white plate and then cut the circle in half – these became the bees wings.  Angel really enjoyed this part, as she loves the opportunity to practice her cutting skills.

We then folded the tip of the wings to create two triangles.

Fun and interactive kids craft to make a bouncy bee

I took over the next bit by turning the paper plate over and cutting a small slit into the crease of the paper plate.

The slit will need to be big enough to fit the two folded triangles of the white paper plate wings.

Fun and interactive kids craft to make a bouncy bee

Place the tips of the wings into the slit and secure inside the plate with sticky tape. We used masking tape as it’s easier for small children to cut and use themselves. The wings should now rest nicely on top of the bee with some free movement.

Next, thread the string of elastic between the wings and tie a knot to secure.

To create the legs, cut the black pipe cleaners into the six equal lengths and secure with sticky tape.

Fun and interactive kids craft to make a bouncy bee

To finish off, add the googly eyes and a big smile! Now it’s time to bounce –  the wings should flap nicely on top of the bee all ready for some reading and play.

We love book inspired crafts and our Paper Plate Bouncy Bee brought The Very Greedy Bee to life for my girls, especially 19 month old Cakes. I hope your kids get as much joy out this craft as mine did!

Thanks Rainy Day Mum for having us!

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