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FREE Printable Summer Count and Clip Cards

Summer is here at last but we’re not stopping our learning and this FREE printable set of summer-themed count and clip cards is great for preschoolers and older toddlers to practice their counting and number recognition. With 20 individual cards and focusing on numbers 1 to 10 there’s plenty of practice for your little ones to enjoy. So read on and discover more about Count and Clip Cards, and using them with your child.

Count and clip cards with a summer theme. The top card has a clothes peg attached to the number 9 and 9 beach balls above.

What are Count and Clip Cards

Count and Clip Cards are a quick and simple activity for preschoolers to practice their number recognition and counting skills. These essential number skills are the most important for developing good number sense later on.

Using just a clothes peg or pin your little one can count the number of objects and then match that to the number below. So 9 beach balls and the number 9! They then place the clothes peg on the number 9.

Not only do they practice counting out numbers, and finding the written number but then they also have a quick fine motor practice opening and closing the peg (working on the pencil grip which will be so important later).

Image with text of some of the cards within the FREE Printable Summer Count and Clip Cards

Free Summer Themed Printable Count and Clip Cards

In this summer-themed set of count and clip cards, we have 20 individual cards working on numbers 1 to 10.

Each card has 3 different possible numbers to pick from and your child can then use a clothespin to highlight which number is the correct one.

What You’ll Need to Create your Set of Count and Clip Cards

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A small sample of the Printable Count and Clip Cards in the summer bundle from Rainy Day Mum.

How to Make your Count and Clip Cards

1. Once you have your count and clip cards printed you will need to cut them to size. I like using a paper cutter instead of scissors it makes it so much quicker and straighter edges.

2. If you are laminating then go ahead and laminate the individual cards – 4 of them should fit within a laminating pouch and then recut the size.

3. Set up a small tray or space with the cards and a clothespeg you may want to theme it with some summer objects or books. Then sit and introduce the activity if it’s the first time to your child alongside them.

Check out these summer stories for preschoolers for some ideas to read alongside the count and clip cards.

If they have used the count and clip cards previously then you can easily set this as an independent activity that you can check as they count the objects.

featured sample of the free printable summer themed counting cards for preschoolers over on Rainy Day Mum.

More Themed Count and Clip Cards for Your Preschoolers

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Looking for more ideas our summer drawing prompts are great to use with preschoolers upwards.

Pinterest image for a set of FREE Printable Summer Count and Clip Cards for preschoolers from Rainy Day Mum.

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