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How to Make Daisy Crowns

Summertime is great for slowing down and returning to do some of the classic crafts that you enjoyed as a child. Daisy crowns are just one of those creative activities. Free to do and relaxing this simple summer craft is great for creating cherished memories with your kids as you weave the flowers into a simple crown that you all can wear. So follow our simple step by step guide on How to Make Daisy Crowns with your Kids this summer.

A preschoolers head wearing a daisy crown that they have made with their mom on a summers day.

How to Make a Daisy Crown with Kids

There is something really magically about wearing flowers in your hair and daisies are abundant and free to pick from your lawn or in the park. So get your littles collecting them and then sit and enjoy the sun shine and make some beautiful crowns together.

Pinterest image of a preschool wearing a daisy crown with Text reading How to Make with Kids A Simple Daisy Crown

Tips for Picking Daisies with Kids

Have you ever picked daisies with a 3 year old – they pick the flower no stem just the flower. But you will need the stems to make the crown with real flowers. So spend some time in the grass with them showing them how to pick longer stemmed daises and start to collect a bunch.

small bunch of long stemmed daisies on a table.

You will likely need a lot more than you think!

Materials Needed for Making a Daisy Flower Crown

Daisies lots of them, best picked fresh

A little girl wearing a homemade daisy crown outdoors. The text below reads How to Make a Simple Daisy Crown with Kids.

How to Make a Simple Daisy Crown for FREE

1. Take a daisy and about 1/3 of the way down a stem use your nail to split the stem in half.

Making a slit in a daisy stem with a finger nail to create a crown.

2. Now take another daisy and thread it through the slit you have made in the stem of the first daisy.

Making a daisy crown threading the stems together.

3. Make a slit in the stem of this daisy.

4. Repeat the threading of the daisies to form a chain.

a daisy chain in the hand.

5. As the chain grows longer keep trying it on your heads.

6. When the daisy chain reaches the desired length then join the last stem to the first by threading it through.

Top of a child's head with a diy daisy chain crown on.

Making a Stronger Daisy Crown

If you would like to make a stronger crown then you can add some floral wire or tape to strengthen the stems and create a stronger structure.

A preschool girl wearing a homemade daisy crown in summer outdoors.

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