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Simple Summer Science and Nature Study Activities to do with Kids

Science is one of my favourite areas to teach. I believe that every child is a born scientist and it’s something that is easy to nurture and explore at home. Summer is such a fun time to do science and nature study activities with your kids.

You have time to devote to longer experiments, can explore nature and oceans, and even take your science to different locations.

Below you’ll find some of our favourite Simple Summer Science to do with your kids this year.

summer fun Science Activities and Nature Study for Kids

Summer Science Experiments

We’ve picked some of the best summer science experiments and investigations you can do with your kids.

From solar power to nature study there’s lots to explore during the summer months.

Sun Science for Kids

low cost dinosaur solar print footprints for kids to make

Explore the power of the sun with easy Solar Print Dinosaur Footprints. An easy activity to do that shows how powerful the sun is as it bleaches the black paper.

Another fun way to explore the power of the sun is to create your own Solar Oven. We love doing this in summer with the kids.

Summer Nature Study for Kids

DIY Wormery from a plastic bottle to make with kids

As we can get outside with the kids more in the summer, doing science around the natural world is fun. This plastic bottle wormery is easy to make and helps kids to understand a little more what worms do under the soil.

frog lifecycle

Another of our favourite summer nature science activities is to investigate the life cycle of the frog. One of the best ways to do that is by raising your own tadpoles with your kids.

Free mini guide for a nature scavenger hunt on the rocky shore this summer

If you can get the beach why not have a look to see what you can discover in the rock and tide pools. We have a guide to rock pooling with kids as well as a rock pool scavenger hunt you can do together.

child using an aquascope to view what is happening under the water in a pond

Check out our favourite science equipment for summer with the Learning Resources Moonscope and Aquascope from the Nancy-B Science range with our review.

Plant Science for Kids

child planting some easy and quick growing seeds in a seed tray with their mother

On the theme of nature, it’s the perfect time to explore plants and growth in more detail. Start by just growing some quick seeds with your kids. It’s easy to do and they will start to learn that plants need light, water and nutrients.

How to grow salads with kids in small spaces

Whilst your growing seeds talk about nutrients and grow your salad with the kids. It will reinforce “how do plants grow” but also you can talk about food, digestion and what makes some food healthy and others not.

Classic Science Experiment themed for the book Growing Vegetable Soup by Louis Elhert. Test grown vegetables for the presence of starch.

Once you have your vegetables why not perfect for science investigation looking at the starch in the different vegetables.

celery science experiment for kids to investigate transpiration

Plants need water and water evaporates from their leaves. This simple celery experiment for kids is great to investigate how this happens and reveal the vessels that use it.

girl drawing the parts of a flower whilst studying plant science

Take a look at plants and examine the reproductive organs. Follow along with a simple plant science dissection.

seed journal and activities printables showing the pages from Rainy Day Mum Shop

Plant Growth Activity Pack ~ $5.00

preview of a Plants Activity set printable pack all about photosynthesis and plant cells

Plant Cells & Photosynthesis ~ $5.00

Exploring Materials – Melting, freezing and Evaporation

How to make ice cream in a bag with kids - fun summer science and cooking with kids

A tasty science experiment to do with the kids this summer make their own ice-cream in a bag.

ice paints exploring melting with kids

Melting ice is a fun experiment to do about materials and if you make your own ice paints then you can get creative whilst the ice melts.

growing crystals with evaporation

Another process ideal to explore with kids this summer is evaporation and this easy Borax Free Crystal Growing experiment is simple to set up and do at home.

Looking for more ideas for summer fun then check out our FREE Printable Summer Themed Drawing Prompts for kids!

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