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Fun Summer Science and Nature Kits for kids

One of our favourite activities to do in the summer months is science. From looking at the creatures in rock pools to watching the night sky when we let the kids stay up late there really is so much fun summer science to do at home.

And it’s all so simple. However, if you’ve got a budding scientist then sometimes it’s great to get the right equipment to help then get started.

These fabulous science kits from Learning Resources are ideal as you and your kids venture under water and look up to the night sky together.

child using a telescope and in 1 image and child using an aquascope in another text reads summer science equipment for kids to study the moon and pond

We were provided with the science kits in this post by Learning Resources.

Summer to me opens up the world of science exploration for kids especially around the natural world and I’m always on the look out for tools and equipment which will allow us to investigate further.

Learning Resources/Educational Insights have released a new brand of science equipment – Nancy B’s Science Club – perfect for use at home especially in the summer.

What’s more it’s working on one of the areas very close to my heart getting Girls interested in science – not by focusing on “girly” science topics but instead changing the colours to be more appealing to girls – not pink but instead a pale green and purple which according to my son perfect for boys as well.

We’ve been trying out two of the Nancy B’s Science Club equipment – the underwater scope and the Moon Scope.

These really attracted me as proper hands on science equipment for kids to use. Aimed at 8+ I’ve been using them with my almost 5-year-old although not the accompanying journals instead devising our own observations with them.

We have included affiliate links to some of the products and resources as an associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

The underwater scope

picture of learning resources aquascope for kids

Our pond is one of J’s favourite spots and we spend a lot of time around the pond throughout the year and have been pond dipping on a number of occasions as well as exploring the life cycle of the frog by raising tadpoles in a tank at home.

Nancy B’S Science Club Aquascope (affiliate link) provided J with another way to observe the underwater world.

First off it’s really nice size. I’ve used underwater scopes with my secondary school science classes in the past and they have always been small for use once you have pond dipped however this one is to be used in situ and it’s solid and large.

child using the underwater scope from learning resources to see under the water in a pond

Saying it’s solid though doesn’t mean it’s heavy – this was my one surprise it was lovely and light perfect for kids to hold and carry to where you want to observe.

It needs 3 AAA batteries – but this gets you light via 3 LED’s at the end of the scope, really helping to view in our pond as it’s very shaded with trees at the moment and also covered in duckweed having the lights meant that we were able to see in the dark what was going on.

close up of child holding an underwater scope to their eye to view what is happening under the water in the pond.

At first it took J some time to work on the focusing – probably not his fault more mine as I hadn’t read the instructions fully before he got so excited he had to head out to try it out.

It needs you to twist and also move the focusing scope up and down to get the fine focusing needed.

Once we had this worked out we were very excited to spot a froglet swimming away under the water.

The journal was great – from a science teachers perspective it asked lots of questions and got children recording in different ways as well as exploring in more detail.

viewing pondlife in a nature study lesson using an underwater scope

We’re off rock pooling in a few weeks over the school summer holidays and we will be taking the underwater scope with us along to see what’s living under the water at the seashore.

Looking for more nature ideas for the kids check out these nature study activities and ideas for more inspiration.

The moon scope

I’ve been looking for a telescope for the kids to use for a while.

First off for the day time and then during the autumn and winter for star gazing and as they get older over the summer as well.

This Nancy B’S Science Club Moonscope(affiliate link) is a perfect introductory telescope for the kids complete with an activity journal as well. Kids can explore the phases of the moon as well as something that has been puzzling my kids for a couple of years – why is the moon out during the day!

child using a child friendly telescope to explore the night sky

The moon scope is light weight – perfect for taking with you on a camping trip as it will strap to you back pack, comes with a tripod which also has a red LED light (needing 2 AAA batteries).

This means you can record your findings, check out some constellation cards you may have brought with you and complete the activity journal without producing light pollution.

child viewing the day moon through a kids telescope to see the craters great for homeschool science

We’ve been using it as a day telescope observing a wood pigeons nest in the trees behind our house. With 2 different magnifications included we’ve been able to observe the chicks in the tree and also look in more detail at the nest close up.

The kit also comes with a moon filter which will help bring the detail of the moon into focus better.

boy using a kids telescope to view birds nests and the moon in the day

Again this is great to use with my kids (3 and almost 5) but again it’s something that will be able to be used well into their tweens.

Summer Science Tools

Both the Nancy B’s Science Club Aquascope and the Nancy B’s Science Club Moon Scope are excellent tools to add to your home and encourage science over the summer – they can be purchased directly from Learning Resources or on Amazon UK by clicking on the images below.

Have older kids then check out our review of Mel Science Chemistry Subscription and our Biology Kit Recommendations for kids.

Fun Summer Science To Do At Home

A simple how to make wormery from a plastic drinks bottle to help children understand what worms do. Ideal for home or classroom to explore habitats.
Rock pool scavenger hunt with mini guide for kids
collage of pictures of kids using the lkearning resource Nancy B moon scope and aquascope for science lessons at home

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