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Easy Crafts for Kids to Make for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air and I love celebrating valentine’s day, as do the children. Decorating the home with hearts and creating cards and gifts to share with our family and friends is so much fun. Here are some of our favourite simple kid’s crafts to make for Valentine’s Day.  Hopefully, you will love these ideas as much as we do!

Collage of Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Simple Crafts for Kids to Make for Valentine’s Day

Bubble Wrap Printed Heart Card for Toddlers to Make

Printing with Bubble Wrap - create a Valentines Card

Bubble wrap is always a favourite in our house and not just to pop give these bubble wrap printed heart cards a go and try and limit the popping till after they have finished printing.

Easy Torn Paper Heart Card for Preschoolers

I love how simple and easy this valentine’s day card idea is, yet it’s really effective.  Another bonus is that you don’t need a lot of craft supplies to complete it which means that is perfect for some last minute spur of the moment crafting when the kids just have to make a card.

Valentine’s Tissue Paper Heart Card

Valentines Tissue Paper Heart

Another Simple Card to make with toddlers and preschoolers our scrunched up tissue paper heart card.

Got more than one child at home and love to do crafts but finding it tricky? Check out our top tips for crafting with 2 or more kids under 4! We did it and so can you!

String Art Heart Craft for Kids to Make

A simplified version of the amazing String Art Hearts you see on Pinterest that even small children can help make or you can make as a family.

Work together as a family to create this simple string heart art canvas a perfect addition to your wall that will work year round.

Check out our selection of Valentine’s Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers for some selections to add to your book box to read aloud.

Valentine’s Day Love Bug Book Marks

My little bookworms love this simple love bug craft. Maybe we could use it to read our favourite valentine’s themed books.


Valentine's Themed Memory Game for Kids
FREE Printable Valentine's Tic Tac Toe Game
Printable Valentines Day Board Game for Kids to Play

Some fun Valentine’s Cards for Toddlers and Preschoolers to make too!

Easy Valentine’s DIY Crayons

These DIY heart crayons would make a perfect present for the kids to give to their valentines and also makes use of all the tiny bits of crayons we have lying around.

Sewn Paper Plate Heart

Great beginner sewing project for kids to make this paper plate heart that would look great for decorating the house for valentine’s day and will help with fine motor skills. My eldest has a thing for yarn-based crafts at the moment.

Yarn Wrapped LOVE Letters

A simple craft to create beautiful DIY Yarn Wrapped Valentines Letters an ideal accessory for the home or great for a Teens bedrooms.

Another yarn-based craft to have a go at some Love Letters for the home. I could see these on my daughter’s wall and maybe even changed to her name.

Valentine’s Sun Catchers

These upcycled sun catchers might be simple to make but the definitely have the wow factor.  I have a feeling they will decorating our windows all year around!

Paper Plate Love Birds

This is a little different from all the heart shaped valentines crafts out there, but my craft obsessed children can’t wait to make these love birds and paint them all sorts of different colours.

Easy, simple kids crafts to make for Valentine's Day. A selection to make with children of all ages from toddlers through to teens.

Homemade Clay Heart Bunting

I can’t wait to try this homemade clay recipe, and I think my kids will love decorating all the hearts. I can see these hearts looking lovely hanging up on the staircase! If you don’t have all of the ingredients to make these hearts why not try out Bakers Clay recipe that uses kitchen cupboard ingredients or even salt dough.

Valentine’s Puppet Craft for KIds

Finally, I love how this valentine’s puppet craft is a simple make but can give hours of open-ended fun.  My kids love anything puppet related at the moment as they have big imaginations so these are going to be firm favourites in our puppet theatre!

Easy, simple kids crafts to make for Valentine's Day. A selection to make with children of all ages from toddlers through to teens.


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