With Valentines at the end of the week, I’ve been raiding our bookshelves looking for some books about love to share with the kids.  I realize that we haven’t many that are appropriate anymore now that we have a Preschooler and a school kid who’s independently reading short chapter books. What I do know is that many of you have got younger children, and as I put these books into the bag to take to the hospital for the children’s ward and the charity shop, I thought that I would share them with you. These 5 books about love are perfect for toddlers and you can read them this week or any time of the year.

5 Stories about love to share with babies and toddlers year round - not just for Valentine's Day
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Our first book is the classic Guess How Much I Love You [affiliate link] by Sam McBratney and illustrated by Anita Jerman. It is a lovely tale of 2 hares talking about how much they love each other. With beautiful illustrations and rhyming words, it was a huge favourite for both of my children as a bedtime book. We loved it so much that we have hard copies of the book for the kids which we will be keeping for the future.

I Love You As Big As the World [affiliate link] by David Van Buren and illustrated by Tim Warnes is another great story for toddlers about how much two bears love each other – as big as the world, to the deepest depths of the sea, as much as the highest mountain.  It’s a beautifully illustrated story to snuggle up with at bedtime with your baby or toddler.

One of the first books bought for T as a new baby was Hug [affiliate link] by Jez Alborough, and although it has very few words (“Hug” being the main word), we have read it many times at bedtime creating a story around the little lost chimp looking for his mother. Observing his face in the book, we bought the book to life as part of the Virtual Book Club for Kids Jez Alborough month by tracing emotions on the chalkboard.

The one book that bridges the gap from baby/toddler books to preschool books is The Lion Who Wanted to Love [affiliate link] by Giles Andreae and illustrated by David Wojtowycz.  It’s a story of a little lion cub that doesn’t want to chase down Zebras like the other lion cubs.  Instead, he wants to make friends with them and hug them. Find out in the story how this little lion cub fits in and brings love and happiness to the jungle.

Although this appears to be out of print now, you may find it at the library or second-hand  store: George & Sylvia: A Tale of True Love [affiliate link] by George Coleman and illustrated by Tim Warnes. George and Sylvia are both gorillas and each loves the other but they think that the other doesn’t love them because of the way that they look. They try lots of different ways to make themselves look different but in the end they work out that they love each other just the way they are. I love this story because it has a true message that you don’t have to change – people will love you just the way you are.

5 stories about love to share with babies and toddler - great for any time of the year not just Valentine's Day

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5 stories about love to share with babies and toddler - great for any time of the year not just Valentine's Day


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