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Simple Toddler Valentine’s Card with Bubble Wrap Printed Hearts.

Your toddler will love this simple printed Valentine’s Card using Bubble Wrap to create a pattern and then you cut out some hearts for them to make the card that they can then share with their friends and ones that they love. Preschoolers will also love it too but why not let them draw the hearts and cut it out themselves. Scroll to the bottom to find more Valentine’s Card Ideas to make with your Toddlers and Preschoolers here on Rainy Day Mum.

Easy toddler valentine's card to make with bubble wrap printed hearts

Materials needed for Bubble Wrap Printed Valentines Card

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Materials needed for a Valentines Card Craft

Bubble Wrap

Red and White (or pink) Paint



Card Blank




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How to Make a Bubble Wrap Printed Valentines Card with your Toddler

We have found when mixing paints, it’s easiest for us to use a paper plate, and the nice thing is that these mixing palettes often get reused in crafts sometime in the future (watch out for this one in a paper plate craft coming soon).

I pour on the paints and using a paintbrush or sponge we mix them together.

It’s a good way to introduce the language of colour with toddlers and preschoolers – tints, shades, mixing, primary/secondary colours etc…

Bubble Wrap Printing

Once the paint was thoroughly mixed we used the paintbrush (a nice big brush or a sponge works best) to cover the bubble wrap in the paint.

Printing with Bubble Wrap - create a Valentines Card

When covered, we turned over onto a paper and made our first print.

We tend to not use our first one. T applies a lot of paint to her bubble wrap and the first print really doesn’t show the definition of the circles in the printing so after that first print is made we turn over the bubble wrap again onto a clean piece of paper and press down hard to get a good print.

Process Art to Valentines Card

When removing the bubble wrap, take care not to smudge the circles and then repeat as many times as you like.

How to make a Bubble Wrap Printed Valentines Card with kids

Leave the printing to dry and then draw on some hearts and cut out.

I cut them out as T’s scissor skills aren’t great yet, but if your child is good with the scissors, let them cut out and you can neaten them up if needed.

Valentines Card Craft - Bubble Wrap Printed Hearts

Glue the hearts to a card blank and get your child to write a message inside to send to their valentines this year.

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Valentines Craft - Bubble Wrap Printed Hearts Card

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  1. Great Valentine Day craft. I think my kids would have fun doing this!

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