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Simple Toddler Valentine Craft to Make a Tissue Paper Heart Card

This is a simple fun and easy Valentines Card for toddlers to make using tissue paper and glue. This is a simple activity to do with children from toddlers up produces a lovely Valentines Day card for your child to give or send. It would also make a great Mother’s Day Card to make with your little ones later in the year. Scroll to the bottom for even more ideas for Valentine’s Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers here on Rainy Day Mum.

Simple toddler made valentine's day card with tissue paper heart

Materials needed for a Tissue Paper Heart Card

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Materials for Tissue Paper Heart Valentines Card

Card Blank

Strong Card for the heart shape


Glue (White school glue works best)

Tissue Paper in Pink and Red


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Making a Tissue Paper Heart Card

Take the tissue paper sheets and tear into small squares and rectangles. These don’t have to be evenly shaped or the same size.  T (almost 3) tore them up and placed them into a pile.

Valentines Card Making for Kids

Scrunch up the tissue paper into small buds and put into a container. With the strong card draw a basic heart shape and then cut out. Depending on your child’s ability, you can let them cut out, or you can help cut out.  You can also give them the offcuts and let them practice some cutting skills at the same time.

Valentines Craft for Kids Tissue Paper Heart Craft

Cover the heart with glue, and then place on the scrunched up tissue paper. We started by placing bits at a time but moved onto pouring the container of scrunched up tissue paper all over the heart which made it easier to cover the heart moving them around.

Valentines Tissue Paper Heart

Once dry, glue the tissue paper heart to the card blank, and give or send to your child’s valentines.

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Valentines Craft for kids making a tissue paper heart card to send

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