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FREE Printable Apple Count and Clip Cards 1 to 5

As the crisp autumn air rolls in and leaves begin to turn shades of red and gold, it’s the perfect time to engage your little ones in some fall-themed learning fun. Our set of Free Printable Apple Count and Clip Cards is the perfect addition to your maths centres and learning this autumn. Designed with adorable apple illustrations, these cards are designed to help toddlers and preschoolers learn to count and work on number recognition up to 5, all while refining their fine motor skills.

A sample of some of the apple themed fall count and clip cards for preschoolers learning to count

Apple Count and Clip Cards

Each of these charming apple count and clip cards features between 1 and 5 apples, accompanied by three different number options.

The task for your little learners? Simply choose the correct number and use a clothespin to clip it! This interactive element makes learning a hands-on experience that engages young minds in a playful way.

Collage of using apple erasers with apple count and clip cards to help count out numbers 1 to 5 for preschoolers and older toddlers.

To help them out, why not use some apple counters like the little erasers we have used in the picture above? Your little one can count out and match the number of apples on the cards with their apple counters to find the number on the card.

Why use Count and Clip Cards?

Count and clip cards are a simple and fun way to work on number recognition. But, they are also valuable tools for fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills are crucial as they help work towards learning to write. There are lots of activities you can do that will support your little ones working on these muscles just like these count and clip cards.

How to Use Clip and Count Cards with Your Kids

Using these cards is so easy. Print them out, cut along the lines, and let the counting begin!

Clipping numbers on apple counting cards for autumn learning with preschoolers.

Here are a few tips to ensure a fun learning session:

  • Encourage your child to say the number aloud as they clip it.
  • Mix in some seasonal discussions about apples, fall, and colors for an extra layer of engagement. We have included red, green, and yellow apples on the cards
  • Keep the sessions short and sweet to match young attention spans.
Pinterest Image for Apple Count and Clip Cards FREE Printable Numbers 1 to 5

FREE Printable Count and Clip Cards

These apple count and clip cards are available as a free printable for our subscribers or you can purchase a complete set with numbers 1 to 10 in our store.

You can easily get them just fill in your details below and check your inbox you will have a welcome message from me and a link to access the FREE printable.

Apple count and clip cards for toddlers and preschoolers working on number recognition and counting to 5.

Using the Apple Counting Cards in Autumn

Why not mix things up and add in more learning activities with your preschoolers and older toddlers this autumn with these fun ideas:

Preschooler measuring the circumfrance of an apple with string. Text overlay reads Fun Apple Activities for Learning with Preschoolers
apple pies made by kids in a muffin tin text reads delicious apple pies to cook with kids
toddler making apple prints

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