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Apple Activities for Preschoolers

There’s loads of fun to be had with apple activities to learn with this fall so check out some of these fun lesson plans for moms and educators to use with your kids. From some literacy activities to help with learning to read and write through to number and maths where you can count and cook as well as sensory, science and more these easy and fun ideas are great to start of your preschool year this autumn. So here you go our pick of the best Apple Activities for Preschoolers this fall.

preschooler measuring an apple. With text overlay daying Fun Apple Activities for Preschoolers, numbers, letter, science, sensory play and more.

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Fun Preschool Apple Theme Activities

Preschool girl picking apples on a field trip in early autumn.

Whether you collect some apples from the store or head to the orchards on a field trip with your preschoolers there are plenty of fun ideas that you and your kids can enjoy and learn with. Whether you use in a classroom or in your home check out the different sections for activities to support your preschooler or Kindergarten kids to learn.

Pinterest image of a child's hand measuring an apple text below the image reads Apple Activities for Preschoolers rainydaymum.co.uk

Apple Maths Activities

Count, add, form number bonds and more with these ideas for working on number skills with your preschoolers. Lots of free printables and hands-on activities for little hands to do that will help to cerment the knowledge to work on as they get older.

Apple Tree Math Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Simple apple themed counting and number recognition activity for toddlers and preschoolers ideal for fall
Simple to set up apple math activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Working on counting out objects, number recognition & more ideal for Autumn and Fall.
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Apple Matching and Sorting Autumn Maths for Preschoolers

Apple matching and sorting pinnable image using mini-erasers for fall math center
Quick and easy to set up maths activity for early autumn with apples to introducing matching and sorting with preschoolers.
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FREE Printable Apple Tree Number Bonds to 5 Activity Cards

Apple Tree playdough mat examples to add collage. Text reads FREE Printable Apple Tree Addition Playdough Mat
A free printable activity for kids learnin their number bonds. These apple tree number bonds are great for hands-on number sense practicals.
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FREE Printable Apple Counting Playdough Mat for Numbers 1 to 20

toddler and preschool apple counting mats free printable
A free printable playdough mat featuring an apple tree, count the apples onto the tree workings on numbers 1 to 20.
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Red Apple Number Bonds to 10

Work on the key concept in mathematics of number bonds with this free download of red and green counting apples to manipulate to make 10.
Work on the key concept in mathematics of number bonds with this free download of red and green counting apples to manipulate to make 10.
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Addition within 5 Apple Themed Dough Strips – Sea of Knowledge

Apple addition strips for use with playdough to count up to 5.
Free Printable Apple Addition within 5 playdough Activity.
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Apple Tree Fingerprint Counting Activity

A child making fingerprint apples on a FREE Apple Tree Printable for preschool Math
Fingerprint counting. An easy apple tree counting activity for toddlers and preschoolers. Download our (FREE) apple tree printable for learning to count and working on number recognition. Inspired by the book ‘Ten Red Apples’ by Pat Hutchins this kids activity is perfect for Autumn (Fall).
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Apple math

Apple fractions printable to go with the book Ten Red Apples
Look for some apple math activities for the Fall season? Try out this apple fraction activity with a fraction book and a fraction spin game!
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Ten Red Apples: 2 Number Words Activities

sample of the ten red apple number words activity pack
Enjoy Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins and then learn about numbers with these number words activities. Free printables included.
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image for apple playdough mats on Rainy Day Mum

Apple Recipes and Cooking for Preschoolers

Whether it’s a homemade apple pie or some delicious apple cinnamon fruit leathers these simple recipes and cooking activities are great for not just a delicious snack but also some easy maths sneaking in.

Looking for even more recipes then check out our 10 Amazing Apple Recipes to Cook with Kids.

Easy Apple Recipe to Cook with Kids

Image of Apple pies cooked by kids top image shows one with a bite taken out and bottom image the rustic apple pies in the pie tin. Text in the center reads Easy Apple Pies to Cook with Kids on Rainy Day Mum.
A delicious and simple recipe for apple pies to cook with kids. Uses a simple no-roll pie crust so even toddlers can cook!
Full Recipe Here

Slow Cooker Apple Sauce For Kids to Cook

Apple sauce made in the slow cooker in a white dish. Text on the image reads Apple Sauce Recipe Simple and Easy for Fall Cooking with Kids
A simple and tasty recipe to cook with kids this autumn to make some homemade apple sauce in the slow cooker.
Full Recipe Here

Homemade Apple and Cinnamon Fruit Leather to Cook with Kids

Pinterest image of a collage showing example of apple fruit leathers. Text in the centre reads Easy Apple Fruit Leathers to Cook with Kids
Easy recipe to cook with kids to make some delicious apple and cinnamon fruit roll-ups or leather that is a healthy and tasty snack.
Full Recipe Here

Apple and Cinnamon Loaf Cake to Bake with Kids

Pinnable image for an apple and cinnamon cake that can easily be made with kids next to a cooking apple and cinnamon sticks. Text reads Apple and Cinnamon Loaf Cake to Cook with Kids
Apple and cinnamon loaf cake – cooking with kids a simple easy to follow recipe for a delicious treat
Full Recipe Here

Apple Stack Game and Snack

Apple Stack Game and Snack
It’s Apple Week for our Weekly Virtual Book Club for Kids and we are so excited to kick off the new school year with some fun apple themed ideas! Each week this year we’ll be
Instructions and Snack Recipe Here

How to Make These Easy to Cook Baked Apples

How to Make These Easy to Cook Baked Apples
Easy to Cook Baked Apples We are making baked apples this week which focuses on our cooking skills as we join in with the Virtual Book Club. The featured book
Full Recipe Here

Virtual Book Club for Kids-Ten Red Apples

Carmel apple bites on a stick
Ten Red Apples activity for the Virtual Book Club for Kids. Easy caramel apple pops recipe to go along with an apple unit study…
Full Recipe Here

Apple Literacy Activities

Incorporate some letter, word and reading activities into your apple themed preschool with these fun literacy activities for kids.

The Best Apple Themed Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers

collage for a pinterest image of apple themed books - top picture is of a pile of apples then text reads The Best Books About Apples for Toddlers and Preschoolers
A fantastic selection of stories and non-fiction books for toddlers and preschoolers including folk tales and life cycle books.
Discover the books here!

Apple Tree Alphabet Letter Game

Hand drawn apple tree with letters in the apples and stickers placed on top to match the upper and lower case letters
A former kindergarten turned SAHM’s blog about teaching and playing with her children while grieving the loss of their sister.
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Apple Piece Names

Making letters with apple pieces to form names helping preschoolers learn their name
Practice name recognition & spelling with apple pieces!! Perfect for preschool!
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Apple Sensory Activities

Have some sensory play and fun with apples with these simple ideas that you can easily add to your day. From homemade apple play dough so sensory bags and sticky walls these ideas are fun for your kids to do.

2 Ingredient Apple Scented Playdough

2 Ingredient Apple Scented Playdough
A simple 2-ingredient, super soft and smooth apple scented playdough recipe and suggestions for math-based activities for toddlers and preschool kids.
Recipe for the Playdough Here

Apple Tree Themed Sensory Bag for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Create your own sensory bag for your toddlers with an Apple Tree Theme and watch them play, as they work on counting and fine motor skills
Create your own sensory bag for your toddlers with an Apple Tree Theme and watch them play, as they work on counting and fine motor skills
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Apple Picking Sticky Wall – A Ten Red Apples Activity

Contact paper apple tree activity for preschoolers
Sticky walls are so much fun for kids to play with, it’s like having a giant sticker! It’s an almost magical experience for little ones as they get creative with supplies and have free reign
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Apple STEM and Science Activities

Explore apples with Science and STEM, from tasting to discovering whether they sink or float these fun ways to investigate apples are great for little kids to enjoy.

Simple Preschool Apple Science Investigations

Apple Science Experiment Sensory Science for Preshoolers
Easy preschool science experiment for apple themed week or when exploring the body and the 5 senses with data sheet to download to explore apples.
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Apple Experiment- Jumping Apple Seeds from Ten Red Apples

Apple seed science jumping seeds in a glass experiment
Your children will have fun conducting this simple apple experiment. They will make seeds from ten red apples jump in a glass.
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Apple STEM Activity for Preschoolers

Child creating an apple picking track for an Apple themed STEM activity
Do you enjoy picking apples in the fall? This apple stem activity for preschoolers will give you hours of fun with this Fall STEM Challenge for your child.
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Apple Motor Skills Activities

Apart from heading to the apple orchard and stretching, bending and moving around picking those apples here are some more fun ideas for motor skills for your preschoolers and trot

Apple Farm Story Time with FREE Apple Song Printable – My Storytime corner

Apple song printable with an apple beside
Fun Apple Finger Song for Fall.
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Apple Tree Gross Motor Game | Inspiration Laboratories

child posting pom pom apples through holes in a wooden apple tree.
The Apple Tree Gross Motor Game is a fun way to get kids moving and practicing numbers. See all of the apple themed activities inspired by Ten Red Apples.
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Visual Perception Apple Activity – The OT Toolbox

Apple themed stamping activity for preschoolers
During the fall months, apple activities are a fun way to sneak in skills like visual perception development or fine motor strengthening. This visual perception apple activity promotes both of those areas in a fun and creative way. We used recycled pouch bottle caps to make DIY stamps that fit in…
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Apple Arts and Crafts

Whether it’s apple printing (by far our favourite apple craft or making paper apples we’ve picked our favourite apple art and craft activities for you.

Autumn Apple Prints – Easy Art Projects for Toddlers and Preschoolers

apple printing a fun autumn art project for toddlers and preschoolers
Classic autumn and fall art activity for toddlers and preschoolers to create apple prints. Don’t miss our top tip for making it easier for little hands.
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Apple Paper Bag Craft for Kids

Apple paper bag craft for kids
Get ready for fall with this super cute apple paper bag craft for kids. Such an adorable and easy craft to do with kids this fall!
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Even More Apple Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Celebrate early autumn with your toddlers and preschoolers by trying some of this apple crafts ideal for little hands to have a go at making.
Celebrate early autumn with your toddlers and preschoolers by trying some of this apple crafts ideal for little hands to have a go at making.
See all ideas HERE!

More Autumn Activities for Preschoolers

Why not check out some of these other ideas for autumn to enjoy with your preschoolers.

Easy Hedgehog bread recipe for cooking with toddlers and preschoolers
collage of simple and easy pumpkin activities for playing and learning with toddlers and preschoolers image show a sensory bag, tic tac toe game, book to make and threaded pumpkin text reads Pumpkin Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers
toddler holding a bunch of colourful autumn leaves in the forest text overlay reads Outdoor Activities for Autumn with Tots

Talk about hibernation and autumn animals as you and your preschooler bake some cute little hedgehog rolls.

Learn and have fun with our pick of the best Pumpkin Activities for toddlers and preschoolers.

Get outside with your preschoolers and try some of our fun Outdoor Activities for Autumn with Tots.

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