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Easter Recipes for Families

Easter is one of 3 times in the year that we seem to be able to get together with our extended families and unlike the summer months where BBQ’s are the theme for all meals or Christmas when we have pretty standard traditions Easter is a little varied and depending on the mix up of your guests you can have lots of different needs to meet. If your children are anything like mine then CHOCOLATE features highly on their meal wish list, or if your family is more traditional then maybe a roasted lamb or ham for Easter Sunday. Whatever your preferences we’ve got some ideas to share with you for Easter Recipes ideal for Family Meals.

Family approved Easter Recipes to help you meal plan for your celebrations, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.
Check out this Bakers Dozen of Hot Cross Bun recipes that you could bake and serve as snacks

Easter Breakfast Ideas

Learning about the world and different countries through food, this is the traditional Costa Rican Recipe for Gallo Pinto a staple of all Tico families for breakfast if not more meals

I spent many Easter’s or Semana de Santa celebrating with friends in Costa Rica and last year decided to get the kids and my husband helping us to recreate the breakfast by making our own Gallo Pinto and serving that for us. Served with eggs it makes a hearty breakfast before heading out for the day with family.

While traditionally in my house Easter breakfast consists of chocolate, this year I will be trying these Healthy Easter Egg Breakfast Popsicles from Eats Amazing – don’t they just look delicious and so easy to make ahead of time for the kids to enjoy!

Easter Breakfast Recipes that are family approved for busy mums

Who doesn’t love a pancake for breakfast, these spring Swedish Lemon pancakes from your homebased mom look like a great way to start the day!

For a slightly healthier take on breakfast, these 3 smoothie bowls from Lauren Caris Cooks look amazing. Plus smoothies are a great way for me to get fruit into the kids

Recipes Ideal for Easter Lunche and Brunch

Celebrate Easter with these easy Easter Lunch Ideas, perfect for families

Now lunch may not always happen in my house at Easter, but with these ideas, it will be this year!

My kids actually tried this salad this year a quick and easy egg salad made with the hard-boiled eggs we had decorated and used in our Easter Egg Hunt. It was so simple to make and meant that I didn’t end up eating lots of hard-boiled eggs as unless we make them into a dish the kids don’t like it.

OK hands up who doesn’t think this Easter Bunny Bread Bowl from The Idea Room looks like an amazing way to serve soup?

Simple family supper idea for Cuban chicken and bacon traybake ideal to serve with a salad for a light meal and quick to make.

Why not try out Chicken and Bacon tray bake in a salad for a quick and easy prep ahead lunch to take out with you if you head out for the day.

So not strictly an Easter salad, but this spring salad from Ottolenghi looks too nice not to include!

Super quick and easy picnic food to make this summer. This delicious Italian inspired tart is a cheat dish that is so easy to make.

If you are planning a full supper then why not try something lighter with our Italian Tart.

Anyone who knows me is aware I am a BIG cheese fan, and my favourite type is goats cheese, so I can’t wait to give this spring quiche from The Food Charlatan a try.

This simple spring pea pasta dish from Feasting at Home is full of Easter colour and would be a great dish to share when you have eaten too much chocolate!

These bunny-shaped rolls from Bombshell Bling are an amazing way to serve bread over Easter, I can’t wait to see my kids faces when they have these for tea.

Easter Family Dinner

Kid approved meal plan for your Easter Weekend menu that families can enjoy together

With family coming my Easter dinner table will be full of these delicious recipe ideas and even if they weren’t I’m sure to make it a little special as we celebrate this time together.

These Maple Bacon Wrapped Green Beans from The Realistic Nutritionist would make a great side dish to any Easter dinner, my eldest adores green beans and bacon so I can’t wait to make these!

Traditionally in my house we have a roast ham or roast lamb on Easter Sunday.  This pineapple glazed Roast Ham from Country Living looks mouth-watering so I will definitely be having it this year!

Carrots are a firm favourite in the veggie league table within our house.  Who could not love these honey roasted ones from The Melrose Family?

A friend of mine grows asparagus, so I get home grown asparagus a lot at this time of year, I am looking forward to trying this Lemon Butter Asparagus recipe from Frugal Mom Eh! out with some this year.

If you are planning a roast – then check out our timings for a perfect roast and get your free timings guide.

If there is one vegetable that we all love it’s peas.  And my daughter and I also love to add parmesan to as many dishes as they can get away with, so I am sure this Parmesan Peas side dish from My Turn for Us will be a big hit in my household.

I am a big macaroni cheese fan, this classic macaroni salad from Yellow Bliss Road has salad in the title, which means it’s healthy right?

Not everyone fancies a roast for Easter dinner, and this lovely spring chicken pie recipe from Jamie Oliver is a great alternative to serve to guests.

For any vegetarian Easter guests, this green bean and new potato coconut curry is the perfect option.  I can almost smell the flavours as I type…

Easter Chocolate Recipes perfect for dessert

Now I am aware I said Easter isn’t all about chocolate but I could not resist adding these sweet ideas into the mix

Don't miss Easter desserts for family celebrations

Now, these Easter Egg Cookies from Hobby Craft would make a great activity for the kids to make in preparation for Easter, just in case they haven’t eaten enough sugar on Easter Sunday.

Bark seems to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment, everywhere I turn I see ideas on how to make it, I love this Easter-themed version from Sainsbury Magazine.

How about these adorable Easter Bunny Milkshakes – so simple to make and look fantastic.

Try some of these Easter Treats and Snacks for Preschoolers

Did I mention I love cheese? I also have a thing for cheesecake… This Easter No Bake Mini Egg Cheesecake from Jane’s Patisserie one is going to be our dessert on Easter Sunday, I can’t wait to try it.

Chocolate Easter Nests

No Easter would be complete without making these Easter Nest cakes with the kids and no matter what age you are I think everyone loves to have these right!

If your kids enjoy cooking or you enjoy cooking with the kids check out these fantastic recipes for cooking with kids we’ve cooked in our kitchen.

I love these adorable bunny butt cookies from the Pillsbury Blog, and can’t decide if my children would like making them or eating them more!!

If I bake up this is an Easter cake from Waitrose, wonder if I will have enough room for a slice after eating lots of chocolate?

So my favourite type of Easter egg is a crème egg, therefore I will be making some of these Scotch Creme Eggs from Amuse Your Bouche over Easter!

So because crème eggs are my favourite obviously I need to add just one more crème egg recipe, I love the idea of turning them into milkshakes like these Cadbury Creme Egg Milkshakes from Fuss Free Flavours.

I hope you have enjoyed reading these recipe ideas and have a lovely time making sure Easter is about more than the dreaded chocolate this year.


Family approved Easter Recipes to help you meal plan for your celebrations, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

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