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Delicious Easter Treats and Snacks for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I love baking and cooking at Easter time, there are so many delicious treats and snacks that you can make with and for your children. With your toddlers and preschoolers at home from nursery and preschool, you can really go to town in the kitchen cooking up a storm with them. So here’s some delicious Easter treats and Snacks for Toddlers and Preschoolers for you to make together and enjoy.

Get cooking with your toddlers and preschoolers this Easter and make these delicious snacks and treats that everyone can enjoy.

Why not combine these delicious snacks and treats with some Easter Crafts and Activities for your toddlers and preschoolers?

Easter Treats and Snacks to cook with Toddlers and Preschoolers

Chocolate Easter Nests

No Easter is complete without making our chocolate nests – they were a favourite of mine when I was a child and J and T love making them with me each Easter as well – although I think more eggs go in their mouths than actually into the nests.

An easy alternative to the traditional chocolate nest is these Easter Egg Cupcakes from Ally’s Sweet and Savory Eats which you and your toddlers and preschoolers can decorate alongside each other.

Easter chick fairy cake made by kids on a cake stand with easter eggs behind.

How about this ever so simple recipe to make with the kids, a cute little chick fairy cake perfect for Easter or spring.

Low ingredient count, easy to make this No-bake Easter Bunny Snack Mix from Shaken Together is ideal for the kids to make themselves and then serve to guests if you throw a little Easter party.

Throw it together type cooking is great for when kids just want to cook with you – stock up your cupboard with some simple ingredients and any time they suggest cooking you could make some easy Bunny Snack Mix from Mess for Less in no time.

Make these surprise Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake from Simply Southern Mom and why not swap out the box cake mix and use our simple chocolate cupcakes recipe instead.

Simple is good and these Bunny Tails from Kids Activities Blog are really simple and no bake as well – ideal for making with young toddlers too.

Rice Crispy treats are easy to make with kids and although these take a little decoration you could let the kids decorate them themselves or get them helping to make and decorate the Easter Bunny Crispy Treats from See Vanessa Craft once they have gone to bed ready for some Easter snacks the next day.

A different version of the classic ~ Pink Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Rice Krispies Treats from Mom Endeavors look pretty and the kids will love making them with you and then eating them for snack.

Check out these simple recipes for cooking with kids year round!

Easter Cookies to bake with and for kids

Cookies are always a favourite to make with the kids – and they do love eating them afterwards as well so why not give Bunny Paw Cookies from Jenn’s RAQ a go this Easter and spend some quality family time baking together or sharing these with others.

Easter Recipe - Traditional Easter Cookie Recipe

These traditional Easter Cookies are a recipe that I first made when I was in year 8 (7th grade in the USA) and are simple to make – it was one of the few recipes that I made without failing they are that easy.

Sugar Cookies are simple to make and taste great so why not try making Easter Sugar Cookies Recipe With Jellybeans from Food n Service with the kids this Easter. If you’re worried about the little ones eating the dough as they help to make them then our Egg Free Sugar Cookie dough works just as well and is safe if the occasional bit gets in the mouth.

I am never sure whether a graham cracker is a cookie or not but these Reese’s Cup Easter Bunny from Kids Activities Blog are too pretty to be a cracker so they are going in our Easter Cookies section.

So not 100% healthy but a lot better than some these No Bake Coconut Easter Nests from Life Straight Up taste great and are easy to make as well.

Healthy Easter Treats and Snacks for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Try these simple to make Cheddar Bunny Carrots from Creative Green Living which would make an ideal party favour or snack to take with you if you head out on an Easter Egg Hunt outside away from home.

Sometimes it’s all about the presentation of the food and this Carrot-shaped Snack from Artsy Momma may just entice a reluctant vegetable eater to eat their greens this year!

Nut Free – Sugar-Free and still tasty you have to try Nut Free Easter Bites from The Bewitchin’ Kitchen this year.

Why not serve up some cute Easter Chicks Snack from Kiddie Foodies with a salad for an Easter meal to share as a family.

Easter Party Treats and Snacks for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Pastel colours, sprinkles, and cake – my daughter would be in heaven and I can guess what she will be asking me to make this Easter – it’s got to be these Frosted Sugar Cookie Bars from Amanda’s Cookin’.

An easy way to get kids to want to eat the fruit you serve at the Easter Party – prepare this Bunny Bottom Fruit Dip from Dukes and Duchesses which looks cute and is easy to make – that’s always good for busy mums at party prep time.

From the simple to the looks amazing but is relatively easy to do – pull apart cakes are great for sharing with friends and this Pull Apart Easter Bunny Cupcake Cake from Crafty Morning will go down a treat at the party.

Easter is a time to spend together so why not make some Easter Popcorn Treats from Craftulate and stick on a family movie to watch together.

Quick Easter Treats and Snacks for you to Make Last Minute

If your kids have sprung a surprise Easter Playdate on your – yes it does happen ALOT then quickly raid the Easter supplies and put together these Peep Pops from Mess for Less. The kids will love them and they are SO simple to make you could even challenge them to make them themselves.

LOL these did make me laugh – check out how to make Hatching Chicks Easter Treats from B-Inspired Mama and serve them to everyone this Easter the kids will love them and you will save time making them.

Much like the chicks these Easy Easter Bunnies from Spaceships and Laser Beams are easy to make and you really need NO cooking experience to do it even if you burn water these will be great.

Another sneaky way to get the fruit in and these look Ohh so cute as well make White Chocolate Strawberry Bunnies from Crafty Morning and why not pop them onto a cake pop stick and pop them up from a chocolate easter cake for a party cake too!

When there is only 3 ingredients and you end up with something that looks good it’s got to be made – give No Bake Krispie Treat Carrots from A Worthy Read a go – they would look great with the White Chocolate Strawberries above.

Looking for more Easter Recipes – Easter Recipes for Family Meals.

Get cooking with your toddlers and preschoolers this Easter and make these delicious snacks and treats that everyone can enjoy.

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