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Fun Activities for Learning the Alphabet

Learning the alphabet, letter names, and then letter sounds is one of the skills that all kids will need at one point or the other. It doesn’t have to be boring and these fun alphabet activities for toddlers and preschoolers are a great way to introduce the alphabet and various aspects of them. So here you go fun, easy and simple activities for learning the alphabet and letters with your kids.

collage of alphabet activities for toddlers and preschoolers beside a picture of a set of alphabet letters. Activities include sand tray, yarn letters, letter of the week, trace and erase, alphabet cookies and diy sensory letter cards.

Learning the Alphabet

Sing the alphabet song, play some games, have the alphabet visible, and have fun learning your ABCs. The following activities focus first on learning the individual letters and recognizing them, then on how to write them.

At this early stage of Alphabet work I wouldn’t introduce lower and uppercase just try and have both available. This is just the basic letters, how they look, and how to write them.

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alphabet cookies on a baking tray

Why not bake some alphabet cookies a great way for a tasty treat whilst learning the alphabet.

a is for ant alphabet craft for toddlers, simple to make and help them to start to recognise letter forms and letter sounds
Simple easy animal alphabet crafts for toddler to help with starting to learn their letters

Have fun with some art creating letters with characters like this A is for ants and B is for Bird.

Looking for more ideas for supporting your toddlers and preschoolers learn check out these fun ways to learn to read, write and spell their names and some fantastic maths games to play to learn their numbers.


Looking for alphabet activities to do with your toddlers and preschoolers?

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Learning to Write the Alphabet

Once the concept of the alphabet is introduced the next stage is to write the alphabet. Here are some of the fun activities I did at home with my kids helping them learn to form the letters.

DIY letter sensory cards with a glitter card a drawing the direction of the pen on the card.

Create a set of sensory letter cards with our free template that your child can then use to trace the direction of the pen when writing each of the letters (also includes a cursive letter template too).

writing in a sand tray with a pencil copying letters on a set of dinosaur letter cards

Use sand trays to copy letters out. Our dinosaur sand tray with alphabet cards is roarsome for your little dinosaur fans.

Simple phonics activity to learn letters, phonemes, names and more. This classic can easily be adapted to different stages, ages and development

Make large letters by taking your learning outside and get creating some giant chalk letters on the driveway. Use our homemade sidewalk chalk recipe to save some money when doing chalk activities outside with your little ones.

making letters in the sky with your feet, a fun way to learn how to write your alphabet

Write with your feet in the sky! A great way to use a different part of the body to work on memorising how to write the different letters of the alphabet.

Tracing letters using yarn

Use yarn or string to trace some letters – a really simple to set up and easy to do activity that you can bring out time and time again to practice letter formation.

preschooler at a chalkboard using water to trace letters whilst learning to write their abcs

Use the chalkboard and write letters that can then be erased with water with this simple draw-and-erase letter activity for preschoolers.

Useful Resources for Learning the Alphabet

We have included affiliate links to some of the products and resources as an associate we may earn from qualifying purchases.

a collage of some alphabet books that kids can read aloud whilst learning their letters

Add some of these fantastic alphabet books to your book box and read aloud together with your child.

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Pinterest collage of fun alphabet activities for toddlers and preschoolers including a set of magetic alphabet letters at the top, alphabet cookies ready to bake, a sand tray, chalkboard letter tracing and a diy sensory letter card

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