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B is for Bird – Animal Letter Craft for Toddlers

Last week we introduced our Alphabet Animal Crafts series here on Rainy Day Mum with our a is for ant craft for toddlers. This week we are moving forward with the next letter in the alphabet and b is for bird.

B is for bird simple animal letter craft for toddlers and preschoolers to make as they learn their alphabet letter sounds.

Each week with our Letter Animal Crafts we are focusing on creating an Alphabet page with your toddler that you can put together to form a book for you and them to use. We are focusing on words that make the letter sound that they will learn first as they learn to read e.g. a as in ant, b as in bird etc…

What you need to make b is for bird letter craft for toddlers

We have included links to the materials that we used to make this letter craft for toddlers. If you buy via the links we may earn a small commission.

Large piece of yellow coloured construction paper

Black and yellow construction paper

Googly eye

Feathers of colours of your choice

PVA (white) glue

Glue Stick

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How you make letter b animal alphabet craft with toddlers

b is for bird simple letter craft for toddlers to make
  1.  On a large piece of construction paper draw an outline of a letter b.
  2. With coloured contact paper draw a b and cut out.
  3. Hand over the glue stick and let your toddler glue the letter b and place inside the b on their Letter of the Week “B”.
  4. Squeeze the white school glue (PVA) along the upright of the letter b and attach feathers to it to make the plumes of the bird.
  5. With some yellow or orange construction paper cut out a diamond shape and fold in half for a beak for your toddler to attach to the bird.
  6. Once the beak is in place add in a googly eye and leave to dry.
b is for bird

With each page that we make for our Animal Letter Crafts ,I write the letter in upper and lower case at the top of the page and then the animal name at the bottom. The letters are to help your toddler to recognise that b is for bird and the word so that like as you read books with them they learn that words represent the things that they see around them and the words that they say.

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Start off the alphabet with an “a” is for ant page for your letter book.

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ABC craft for toddlers - b is for bird

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Simple easy animal alphabet crafts for toddler to help with starting to learn their letters


  1. What a wonderful bird, I’m surprised that J didn’t show t to me on Thursday, probably because he didn’t have time.

  2. crystal@growingajeweledrose says:

    This is adorable! Feathers and googly eyes= instant toddler bliss too

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