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FREE Printable Pond Life Activity Set

Are you looking for some printable activities to supplement your learning about ponds and frogs. This FREE printable set of activities featuring ponds is ideal for spring and summer learning with your little ones. Featuring, colouring, patterns, sorting, word searches and life cycles there are so many simple activities you can do to encourage your preschooler to learn. So here you go our FREE Printable Pond Life Activity Pack for Preschoolers.

an image of a frog in pond with sample pages from a free printable pond life preschool activity pack above. The text on the image reads FREE PRINTABLE

Preschool Pond Life Activity Pack

Here in the Rainy Day house ponds have been a highlight of our spring nature studies from when the kids were very little.

toddler looking into a pond searching for frog spawn in the spring

We’ve raised tadpoles to see the frog lifecycle. Looked at the plankton under a microscope and carried out many many hours of pond dipping to discover what lives below the surface of the water.

This activity pack is an ideal supplement to those activities and ideal for your pond theme to do with your preschoolers this year.

Pinnable image created for a FREE Printable Pond Life Activity Pack for Preschool The image on the pin shows a frog with 4 pages from the page highlighted.

What is Included in the Pond Activity Set Printables

This pack of printable activity sheets for preschoolers includes seven pages. Each page features creatures that your preschooler will find in the pond from our favourites the frogs through to the dragonfly and fish that you can see.

Activities are included in the pack for Science, Mathematics and English Language.

pages from the printable pond life activity set from Rainy Day Mum for preschools

Frog Life Cycle Cut and Stick Activity

By far the favourite animal in the pond here for us is the frog. We have included a Frog Life Cycle Cut and Stick Activity for your preschoolers.

It’s great to do along with the Frog Life Cycle Memory Game and our Frog Life Cycle Flip Book.

Pond Creatures Cut and Stick Activity

It’s not all about frogs through, how about using our Pond creature cut and stick activity to place some of the other creatures that you can find in the correct places. Don’t forget to provide some crayons or markers so that your little ones can colour them in as well.

Pond and Non Pond Creature Sort

Sorting is a great skill for your preschooler to work on, and our sorting activity looks at different animals and whether they live in the pond or not.

These style of activities are great for developing skills in maths but are important for classification in science as well.

Pond Patterns

Another maths skill we are working on in this activity set is continuing with patterns. This links nicely with our sorting and is moving to the next stage on.

The aim of the sheet is to recognise the pattern and then cut and stick the next in the sequence.

Frog Letter Colouring Page

The first of our letter and word activities in the set is a simple letter recognition and colouring activity for your preschooler to colour in a fantastic frog with each letter being a different colour.

Pond Word Word Tracing

To help your preschooler to learn the formating of letters you can include some letter tracing activities – this sheet is great to laminate (see our favourite laminating supplies below) and provide an erasable marker with.

Leave it out (you could place it near your tank of tadpoles) and encourage your little ones to practice their writing in their own time. This method of strewing the activities as you can see above encourages your little ones to pick them up and explore in their own time.

Collecting and raising frog spawn to froglets in your own home. Simple low cost Nature activity for kids to do in Spring at home or in the classroom

Why not add some Frog Themed books to go along with the pond pack to strew around for your preschoolers to pick up.

The last activity is an easy word search for your older preschoolers and you to do together. Find the pond words that they will be familiar with from the Tracing Activity above in the Wordsearch as well as some new words too.

More Pond Themed Activities for Preschoolers

Are you looking to create a Pond Theme Unit Study for Preschoolers check out our hands-on activities for sensory play, reading, mathematics and letter below?

child's hand pointing at toy frogs on a paper pond with a dice beside text above reads Spring Frog Pond Maths Game for Preschoolers
frog pond sensory bin with plastic frogs, aquarium gravel and giant water beads set up for sensory play for a spring theme with toddlers and preschoolers
diy frog lifecycle story strones for hands-on learning about nature and lifecycles

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