Spider Web construction with Straws and Playdough – #playfulpreschool

Spider Web construction with straws and play dough a fun preschool engineering project

Observation and construction of spiders webs using straws and playdough a fun preschool engineering project as part of this weeks playful preschool theme. Check the end of the post for more creepy crawley themed learning and creative activities for preschoolers.

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Stamped pumpkin Happy Halloween Bunting

Happy Halloween Stamped Bunting

Easy to make stamped Happy Halloween Pumpkin Bunting. Quick and simple craft for some last minute Halloween Decorations for the home.

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Easy Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

Easy Hanging Jack O Lanterns

Super Simple Hanging Jack-o-lanterns perfect for a last minute Halloween Craft or easy to set up and complete afterschool craft for kids of all ages.

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Science and Maths for 3 – 8 year olds. Fizz Pop Bang Ebook

Fizz Pop Bang! Playful Science and Math Activities for 3 to 8 year olds

Hands on Science and Maths activities are the best way to enthuse children about these subjects and help them learn, we’ve collaborated with 20 other bloggers to bring you FIZZ, POP, BANG! Playful science and math activities a brand new ebook out.

Fizz Pop Bang! Playful Science and Math Activities contains 40 hands on activities for children 3 – 8 years old, with fabulous science experiments and hands on maths activities covering most areas of curriculum this is a fabulous resource for parents, carers and teachers alike. With 20 printables included there are all the resources that you will

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Community Helpers Starting Sounds – #playfulpreschool

Community helpers - matching initial word sounds to the letters

Community Helpers or Heroes as they are being called here in our home due to the school’s topic is a fabulous topic for kids to learn about and this weeks playful preschool theme is just that. Across the blogs of the team made up of parents and educators we are sharing learning and creative activities around the theme of community helpers. We used this opportunity to introduce some Initial Sounds work with T.

*As we are British some of the initial sounds for the community helpers we have used may not be what you expect there are a few

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Hedgehog Bread

Hedgehog Bread Rolls for kids to make - perfect for some autumn baking

A few weeks ago I shared our bread recipe that I use weekly with T to create a homemade loaf for our day at home lunch and we’ve used the same simple recipe to create some lovely autumn themed Hedgehog Bread Rolls perfect with butter and homemade preserve for a treat.

Before starting we spent some time talking about Hedgehogs, what they look like, what happens in the autumn to them and why they hibernate as well. It was interesting listening to T think up reasons why they may hibernate during the winter – she knew that they were

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Classification and Sorting of Dinosaurs

Classification and sorting of dinosaurs working on science and math knowledge with preschoolers

Dinosaurs are always a favourite with kids and mine are no exception – in fact what I’ve learnt in the last 5 years is more than a semester of Evolution of Vertebrate Animals at university. This week #playfulpreschool theme is Dinosaurs, each Wednesday we are sharing a preschool learning/creative activity based around a theme with bloggers from the Playful Preschool group.

Looking at areas that we have covered before I wanted to work on T’s strengths this week, she struggles with Letter activities but adores Maths and Science based activities so using our toy dinosaurs I combined the two

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Pumpkin Numeracy and Literacy with stickers

Halloween or fall inspired literacy and numeracy activity based on the Children's rhyme Five Little Pumpkins

As pumpkins appear in the shops we’re starting some Halloween themed activities at home. I like introducing activities that go with books and rhymes and The Five Little Pumpkin song is really cute and inspired a creative filled morning of learning with Numeracy and Literacy based activities.

We started off by listening and watching the Five Little Pumpkins song on YouTube – to make it easier I’ve added it below but search as there are different versions of the rhyme. This was T’s favourite one. Then we started off our activities counting and making our own book.


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Tools for School – Stuck on you

Tools for school - Stuck on You

Our weekends now have a slot allocated for homework as J has entered year 1 at school and with having a big brother, T wants to do exactly what he does as well. So equipping them both for homework time is important for them.

As you probably guess we have art materials out ALL the time, there are crayons, pens, pencils, chalks and paper that the kids can get to whenever they want to get creative but making sure that homework has special equipment and a time set aside has helped to develop an ethic about it. The Tools

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