OurPact App - Free App for parents for internet and app usage by kids

OurPact – Cooperative Screen Time with the Kids

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of OurPact. Until a month ago this was the typical evening as my husband walked through the door – “Daddy, can I have your phone to play on please”, “Have you been good, ate your dinner, done your reading?”, “Well, yes kind of!” a questioning…

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Simple Printed Mothers Day Card for Kids to make

Simple Printed Mothers Day Card

With Mothers Day around the corner in the rest of the world I thought I would share the card that we made this year. This is perfect for children toddlers upwards to do with an adult or as they get older on their own. Printing is one of the easy way’s that kids can create…

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Learning Activities

Skip Counting Battlements - Castle themed math activity for counting in 2's, 10's and 5's

Skip Counting Battlements

We're lucky enough to live in the UK where we have easy access to castles and have 4 or 5 within easy reach of where we live. The kids have loved the ...

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What makes balls bounce? Preschool Science investiagion

What makes balls bounce?

With preschool science - a lot of the concepts and ideas that we consider to be scientific are far too advanced for children of this age instead it's ...

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Family Life & Parenting


Arts & Crafts for Kids

Babies first paints - recipes for paints to use with babies to explore art and painting with them

Edible paint for babies

Art with babies starts as soon as you introduce food, from that point on you can explore painting with them using easy to make edible paints - in fact ...

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Book Based Activities

Matching pairs literacy game - inspired by Margaret Wise Brown's Book The Runaway Bunny
Guess How Much I Love you woven heart lunch notes celebrating 20 years of this iconic book
One Fish Two Fish - real and pseudo word phonics game - practice reading letters and blends and determine whether a word is a real word or a fake or pseudo word based on the book One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr Seuss
Mouse Count by Ellen Stoll Walsh - Number Line and Counting activity
Publish your own books with Blurb
Nutcracker Inspired Activities