Stone Plant Markers

Stone Plant Markers to make with kids

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With our garden rapidly coming to life and the vegetable seeds starting to sprout it’s time to make some garden markers for use out there. A couple of years ago we made some markers that have held up well but after a wet winter they have finally given up and our new seedlings need something more permanent.

For some reason we had a bag of large stones brought for some purpose

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Exciting Tuesday Tots news

Tuesday Tots on Rainy Day Mum

Here on Rainy Day Mum we have hosted Tuesday Tots since February 2012 inviting you to come and share your crafts, activities and play ideas as well as family fun each week in a linky. Originally cohosted by myself and Growing a Jeweled Rose, Tuesday Tots is now cohosted by us, Learn with Play at Home and One Perfect Day.

With J almost 5 and our activities at home growing and developing as well as those of Deb and Ness we have decided that our original Tuesday Tots being aimed at 5′s and under doesn’t fit our lives and

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Simple Wind Chime

Wind Chime to make with Toddlers

I love hands on activities with my toddler – creating something together that I can help her with and then put up for others to see and use. We created this simple wind chime for the garden that can be outside during the summer months and produces a lovely fairy sound. These are perfect for some fine motor skills development and will look gorgeous all summer long.

Materials to make a simple wind chime

Plastic Cup Thread/String Beads of different shapes and sizes Small Jingle Bells Scissors Small clump of play dough

How to make a simple wind chime

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Fun motor skills for tots

5 Fine motor skills activities for tots

Toddlers and preschoolers need time to develop motor skills – whether they are gross motor, walking, climbing, jumping or fine motor that will help with writing in the future. Here’s 5 fun motor skills activities for tots this week featured from last weeks Tuesday Tots link up and our archives.

First off using some water beads (please use these with care and only with children who no longer put everything in their mouth) for colour sorting, the fine motor action of picking up the water beads.

Working on fine motor control of the pencil for writing a good exercise

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How to make a wormery to explore what happens underground

Exploring worms and what they do with kids - make a wormery from junk

Understanding what happens beneath the soil is fascinating for kids – just like outer space and the deep sea it’s something that they can’t see easily but unlike either of those they can touch it and they get a glimpse at what is happening as they dig, garden and harvest vegetables from the garden. We’ve been reading Underground by Denise Fleming for this months Virtual Book Club for Kids and have decided to make a wormery to explore what worms actually do underground and learn a little more about why they need to do it.

Underground by Denise Fleming

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Fairy Home Birthday Cake

Fairy Toadstool Birthday cake how to

I love making birthday cakes for my kids – I’m not great at it but I like how they can be tailored to their interests at the time and the themes for their parties. This year T had a Fairy Tea Party so along with the Butterfly Fairy Cakes that she and I made together I baked and decorated a Fairy Home Birthday Cake for her main birthday cake. Looking really effective it was relatively easy to make so I wanted to share a quick how to with you so you could recreate if you wanted to.

How to

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Butterfly Fairy Cake Recipe

Butterfly Fairy Cakes

We recently hosted a Fairy Tea Party for T’s 3rd birthday and one of the treats that we served were some Butterfly Fairy Cakes that T and I made together, they are really easy to make and very pretty.

Butterfly Fairy Cakes Ingredients

Makes 12 Butterfly Fairy Cakes

4oz Margarine 4oz Golder Caster Sugar 4oz Self Raising Flour 2 eggs 2 teaspoons Baking Powder 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

Ready to roll fondant icing Food Colouring Paste

Butterfly Fairy Cakes Method

Line a cupcake tin with some colourful cupcake cases (we use fairy cake cases the smaller size not muffin

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Egg fun for Easter

Crafts and Activities for some Egg Fun this Easter

With Easter just around the corner it’s time to share some Egg themed fun – crafts, activities and learning opportunities for all that were linked up from last week’s Tuesday Tots.

First off we have our own how to dye Egg Shells and then making egg shell collages – great fun especially if you have a little bit of a disaster when you get trying to blow eggs to decorate them with the kids.

I love ideas that encourage picky eaters – this Easter Egg Picnic idea from Toddling in the Fast Line looks a fantastic idea and once

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Cork Printed Flower Tote Bag – Creative Gift for Mums

Cork Printed Tote Bag for Kids to Make for Mothers Day

Sometimes I see activities on other blogs and I love what they have created and instantly think of an adaptation to the craft or activity that solves a problem that I have or I am so inspired I have to do. This happened last week when Jackie from Happy Hooligans linked up her Cork and Button Print Flowers on our Rainy Day Mum Facebook Page I was inspired to create a gift for my Mum with the kids based around the idea with a little variation to it.

Our adaptation is a shopping bag using the cork printing and

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