Books for children about death – by Holly Webb

7 Books that talk about death for children of all ages compiled by the children's author Holly Webb

Some topics are hard to address with children especially young children when they have no personal experience of the situation, death and what it means, how the feel about it and what happens are all things that we don’t really want to talk to our children about, and then when they experience death for the first time it’s usually with a family member and we are in a situation ourselves where the questions that children ask and how we feel make it difficult to express.

Finding books that you can read together with your child about death that are

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Windfall Apples Practical Life Skills

Teach practical life skills with windfall apples - practising using a knife

We are lucky to have 2 large apple trees in our back garden which produce cooking and eating apples and each year we head off to harvest them directly from the tree and picking up the windfall so that the path doesn’t become too slippy with the windfall apples rotting away. Many of the windfall apples especially this year are beyond use in the kitchen as they have been laying around for a couple of weeks whilst we were on vacation so many were added straight to the compost a few were good enough for some crumble and a couple

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A Parents’ Guide to the language of phonics

A parents' guide to the language of phonics - what does phonics, phonemes, diagraphs and trigraphs means in plain English.

In the days when I started school 30+ years ago we were taught our letters and we learnt to spell words, phonics was a word used only by the teachers. When J started school last year we had a talk about literacy in the reception year and suddenly there seemed to be a whole new world of learning that I was being introduced to by a little 4 year old.

Phonics, Phonemes, Digraphs and Trigraphs – I’m guessing that many of you have a similar look on your face as I did *confused*. So I thought I’d give a

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Farm Themed Count and Add Activity for Preschool – #playfulpreschool

Farm themed math activity for preschooler - farmyard animal count and add

Farms are a popular choice for preschoolers and this week as part of the #playfulpreschool we are focusing on Farms as the theme and this time I decided to do some Maths work with T whilst playing with her. On our none preschool days (she attends the same preschool that J did 2 and a half days a week) I try and mix up our activities and play focusing on different aspects. So with our collection of farm animals we sat down to do some Mathematics through play.

Materials Needed

Selection of Farm Animals – if possible 6 of

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Vacationing with Kids – James Villas

Vacationing with Kids - a james villas holiday finding the perfect family holiday for you all to enjoy

Vacationing with kids especially young kids abroad can be tricky if you are lucky then you have kids that adapt easily to what ever life throws at them, eat anything that they encounter and can adjust to fit other people’s routines. We’re not lucky like that at all in fact both J and T don’t deal well with change in any form, they are picky/fussy/difficult eaters at the best of times and the way that we know that is best to help them adjust to change and minimise the worry, stress and outburst from them both is to keep to

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Mo Willems nut free alphabet cookies – Duckling gets a Cookie

Mo Willems Duckling Gets a Cookie inspired nut free alphabet Cookies for the duckling

Mo Willems is fast becoming one of our favourite authors and I am delighted that we kick off this school years Virtual Book Club for Kids with 3 books by him to share with your children and create and connect activities based around them. The three books that you will find activities shared by are Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!, Knuffle Bunny, The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?

Our favourite of these is Duckling Gets a Cookie and we’ve had fun reading through the book and bringing it life with a cookie based activity perfect for the

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Family Portraits #playfulpreschool

Family Portraits - creative exploration of the family and hertitage theme for preschoolers that can be used in a classroom or a home setting

This year we will be focusing on preschool activities every Wednesday on Rainy Day Mum – joining with a group of other fabulous parents and educators we will be sharing themed activities across our sites for some fabulous preschool fun and learning that you can do at home or in your classroom. Last week the group kicked off with an Apple Theme and shared amazing ideas bringing you Maths, Literacy, Science, Creative, Cooking and Social Studies activity check out over at The Educators’ Spin On It for a full list of the Apple Themed Activities. This week it’s all about

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Free Autumn Play in the Park

Outdoor fall activities for kids and you to enjoy for free at the park

The seasons are changing summer is slipping away, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer autumn is on it’s way and getting outside is still one of our top priorities as a family. If it doesn’t cost the earth then it’s a real bonus for us so today I’m sharing with you some fun ideas for FREE autumn play in the park that we enjoyed last year and will be doing again this year. So wrap up and go and enjoy the changing seasons together as a family.

Early Autumn Foraging

Our all time favourite FREE park

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#mytoystory – Fisher Price Little People

#mytoystory - classic 1970's and 80's fisher price little people

There are some toys that stick in your mind from your childhood, if you ask my brother or my husband things like Star Wars figures and He-Man would stand out for me it’s my Fisher Price Little People – a toddler and preschool toy but one that I remember well and is still a firm favourite with my kids even though it is 30+ years since I owned them and played with them.

No I’m not talking about the new updates Little People by Fisher Price that look like cartoon people, I’m talking about the original peg people and

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