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Fun Activities to do with your 9-month-old baby

Your baby is about three-quarters into their first year, and by now, your baby is starting to be a little more vocal, move around a lot more, and has developed their sense of adventure. It can be difficult to keep these little whirlwinds occupied all day, so here are a bunch of great activities to do with your nine-month-old to have fun together.

fun things to do your 9 month old baby

Fun Things to do with Your 9-month-old

As always with our baby activities, these are based on our experience as parents with our own kids. At 9-months-old I had one child that was walking around and the other hadn’t even start to crawl yet. Every baby is unique.

So if the ideas seem too far fetched for your little one to do with you or a little easy then look at the ideas for 8-month-olds or those ideas for 10-month-old babies.

If you are worried about your babies development then please seek advice from a professional we are not equipped to give advice here on Rainy Day Mum.

Looking for ideas and simple activities to do month by month for your baby? Then check out our Baby Activity Ideas from Birth to 12 months.

Help your baby with walking

At nine months, your baby may be able to stand and even take a few steps while holding onto something.

9-month-old baby girl cruising around the furniture at home
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Encouraging your baby to stand and walk is going to help them build the muscles in their feet, and improve their motor skills.

While you are teaching your baby to walk, lay smaller toys around the room, and encourage your baby to walk to the toys. Hold their hand and guide them around the room, and begin teaching your little one to walk.

Toys that encourage fine motor skills

By this time in your baby’s growth, they will be able to move their hands with a purpose.

This means they can use their new motor skills to figure out how the world around them works.

Fine motor toys for babies. A Cube of activities

Fine motor skill activities such as using a toy telephone, pegboard activities, and stacking blocks are a great toy for a nine-month-old.

These activities encourage them to explore how different items interact with each other too.

Read with your baby

Your baby is going through brain development during their first year, and encouraging that growth can do wonders for them down the road.

By providing a fun and stimulating environment, you can encourage your baby’s brain growth.

You don’t need a bunch of teaching tools or special DVDs to accomplish this.

Sharing books together with your young children is a joy, reading aloud, sharing the stories and pointing out the illustrations. Knowing which are good and which books aren't worth it can be challenging so check out the recommended books for reading together from parents and educators.

Start by reading or even talking with your baby each day.

They don’t need to be able to pick up the book and read it, but even just listening as you read a book can be stimulating.

Check out our recommended books for tots to find some great ideas that you and they can start to read together now.

Talking and Singing with your Baby

As we mentioned earlier with reading to your baby, talking to them can be just as effective!

Start by encouraging conversation with them, and when your baby responds, say something back to encourage them to continue the conversation.

dad and 9-month-old baby singing together on the bed having fun
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Point things out and teach them words, and even point out people they know.

Teaching them the words in a more natural environment can help them associate the sounds of the words with different objects and people.

Blocks and more blocks

Stacking blocks are great for your nine-month-old baby.

Encourage your baby to help build the tower of blocks, and then knock them down!

You can help them start learning shape sorting, and encourage them when they pick the right one. This will not only help them build confidence but learn as well.

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