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Simple Valentine’s Card for Preschoolers to Make

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s time to get creative with your preschoolers and this simple preschool Valentine’s Craft is ideal to make with them. It will need a little help from you but scroll down to the end to find some other ideas which are toddler and preschool friendly to make together too. So here is our simple and easy how to make Valentine’s Day Card with Preschoolers. A Cut Out Heart Card with Coloured Stripes.

Simple Valentine's Card to make with kids ideal for a preschool craft idea

Materials Needed to make this Simple Valentines Card Craft with Kids

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A4 or Letter Sized Card Stock

Paper in different shades of pinks and purples

Sticky Tape

Scissors that you can use

Scissors for your child to use




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How to Make a Valentine’s Card with Preschoolers

  1. Fold your large piece of card in half to make your card. I made a large card, and T made a small card.
    Making a smple valentines card with preschoolers
  2. On the inside front cover of the card, draw some heart shaped: 1 large or as many smaller hearts as you want.
    heart card for preschoolers to make sketching out heart shaped cutouts
  3. Cut out the hearts – poke a hole in the middle of the heart first and then insert the scissor blade and cut out and around the edge of the heart
    step 3 of how to make a simple valentines card with cut out hearts
  4. With a ruler, mark out a few strips of paper from the different colours you have
  5. Cut out the strips of paper
    assembling an easy valentines card for kids to make
  6. Place the strips of paper on the inside front of the card covering the cut-out hearts
  7. Using sticky tape, secure in place
    step 5 in making a cut out valentines card with kids
  8. If you wish, add some text to the card. T is learning to write and read so I write the words she wants to use and she copies them as best she can.
preschooler valentines card with attempt at copying letters
Finished cut out heart Valentine's Card to make with kids

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More Valentines Cards to Make with Kids

These Valentine cards are easy to make with toddlers so ideal for you and your preschoolers to make together too!

Easy toddler valentine's card to make with bubble wrap printed hearts
Simple toddler made valentine's day card with tissue paper heart

Make a simple Valentine’s Card with Bubble Wrap Printed Hearts – an ideal Toddler Craft for Valentine’s Day.

Another great Toddler and Preschool Card to Make for Valentine’s is this simple Tissue Paper Heart Card.

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