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FREE Printable Christmas Charade Game for Families

We love getting together at Christmas and playing simple party games. One of our favourites is Charades. This year we decided to go along with our printable Christmas Crackers (scroll down for instructions) we thought would make our own Charades to put in them. So here we go for you as well a fun set of FREE Printable Christmas Charades that everyone will enjoy playing.

Printable Games ~ Free Christmas Charades for Families
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Christmas Charades

Charades is one of the easiest games to play as a family. From your preschooler up everyone can join in.

Printable Christmas Charades
Printable Christmas Charades Games

You just need to print them out and then have fun.

Our set is great for all of the family, we’ve made sure that included simple images that can help the younger members of the family to play.

Check out which printer we use as a family and how easy it is to use.

How to Play Charades

Charades for Preschoolers - Free Printable Game
Free Printable Preschooler and Family Game for Turn-Taking and Connection

Yes, it is possible to play charades with preschoolers and our set is designed with this in mind.

We recommend playing in pairs that way an older family member can help the younger members play accurately otherwise you can get some very very strange actions.

Simply pick a card together then confer about the idea.

Let the preschooler act out the idea and then help them.

Playing as a family you can use it as a great game for turn taking and sharing with your little ones.

Free to print Christmas Charades games for families with young kids
Free Printable Christmas Game for Families

Why not also grab our Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunt to play as a family. It’s ideal for tots to adults to do indoors this holiday season.

Alternatives for Using these Printable Charade Cards for Christmas

We decided to switch these up and use them for a game of Christmas Pictionary as well.

Easy to do and doubles up the game.

Looking for a game to play for Christams why not print out this preschool Christmas game a Race to Decorate the Christmas Tree?

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24 Simple and easy activities to do at home with your kids this Christmas.

Adding Your Christmas Charades to Your Christmas Crackers

We decided to use the printable game in our Christmas Crackers this year. Instead of buying them from the store you can make your own DIY printable Christmas Character Crackers.

Christmas cracker charades
Swap the jokes in your DIY Christmas Crackers this year for this family-friendly game of Charades

Inside each cracker, we’ve placed a little gift for each person at the table and then a charade. I made these charades afterwards and it was so easy to add to the crackers.

rolling up the charade to fit in the christmas cracker
Roll up the charade for the Christmas Cracker – a great alternative to the joke.
  1. Just roll up the charade card once you have cut it up.
  2. Then get it tighter and tighter until it will fit in the hole at the end of the cracker. Even store-bought crackers have this so you can add these cards to those.
  3. Once inside the cracker shake it about and it will open up the card inside.
place the charade card inside the Christmas Cracker
Fit your rolled Charade card inside the hole on the Christmas Cracker.

Then on Christmas Day or your Family Party “bang” the cracker and then enjoy playing the game together as a family.

free printable family Christmas Charades for Crackers
Check out the pictures this makes it really easy for preschoolers up to play along with these printable Christmas Charades.

Free Printable Christmas Charades

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Free Christmas Charade Cards for Family Parties
Christmas Family Charades that everyone will love to play

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