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Fun Christmas Party Games for Families

One of the traditions we had growing up was getting together with friends and neighbours for a Christmas Party. The kids would play party games and the adults join in, chat and enjoy some mulled wine and mince pies. It’s something that we’ve been looking forward to doing with our own kids and that connection you have making memories with others and sharing the joy is fantastic. Whether you throw a Christmas Party before Christmas, Christmas Eve or between Christmas and the New Year try some of these fun Christmas Party Games for Families as a great way to spend time together as a family and with others.

10 Fun Christmas Party Games for Families to enjoy during the holiday Season

Simple Christmas Party Games to Play

Each year the holidays seem to creep up on us faster and faster. One moment you are enjoying a beautiful summer day, and the next thing you know the weather has cooled off, and the hustle and bustle is all around you. Don’t let the holidays slip by without partaking in these fun and exciting Party Games for Christmas to enjoy as a family.

Christmas Charades

Nearly everyone knows the game of Charades.

Printable Christmas Charades

This fun game does not even take much prep work, just grab a set of our FREE Printable Christmas Charade Game Cards.

Simply cut and fold the printables, pick teams, and get to acting.

Christmas Movie Trivia

This involves a bit of planning and prep work ahead of time, but you will not regret it.

Simply gather facts and lines from both classic, and not so classic holiday movies. The winner gets first dibs on leftover Christmas cookies to take home!

The internet is a great source to find quotes just “Google” Christmas Movie Lines and you will find loads.

Check out some of our favourite Christmas Movies for the kids that the whole family will enjoy.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

Pin the tail on the donkey has taken a festive twist. Check out our Pin the Nose on Rudolph Game for everything you will need.

Pin the Nose on Rudolph Printable Coding Game for Kids

Gather the kiddos ‘round your homemade Rudolph, and watch as they try to place his bright red nose where it belongs!

Gift Stack Off

Stack the present Christmas Party Game for Families
Stock Photo from Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

This game requires oddly shaped boxes, wrapped in gift wrap or brown paper.

The point of the game is to stack as many gifts as you can, without them toppling over.

The winner is the person who stacks the most gifts.

Worst Christmas Gift

This game is sure to have your guests roaring in laughter.

Hand everyone a piece of paper and something to write.

Then tell them to write down two of the worst Christmas gifts they have ever received, as well as one terrible gift they have not actually received.

Worst Christmas Gift Game for Families to Play at Christmas
Stock Photo from DGLimages/Shutterstock

Finally, allow each person, one at a time, to share their three worst gifts, and see who can guess which one is a lie!

Candy Cane Spoons

If you absolutely must play cards when you get together at a party, Candy Cane Spoons is for you!

Instead of using actual spoons to play Spoons, use candy canes instead.

cover of count down to Christmas make memories together in 2020 ebook for parents

Make Memories every day as you countdown to Christmas

24 Simple and easy activities to do at home with your kids this Christmas.

Ornament Relay

Ornament Relay is a twist on another childhood game.

Instead of walking across the room while balancing an egg on a spoon, balance a plastic ornament!

Jingle Toss

Set up some plastic party cups about ten feet away, in the same form you would find bowling bins.

Then give the player one jingle bell for each cup.

Whoever fills the most cups with bells, wins.

Fun Family Christmas Party Games including Charades to play during the holidays

Wrap Off

You will need empty boxes, gift wrap (brown paper or fabric works well so less waste), and a timer for this competitive game.

The object is to see who can wrap the box the fastest while making it look most presentable!

Blindfolded Christmas Scene

Each guest gets a blindfold, a single sheet of paper, and a pencil.

Everyone is to draw a fun Christmas scene while blindfolded.

Prizes can go for the most realistic looking, the most creative, or the funniest scene.

Other Ideas for Christmas Activities for Families

We love this Christmas Party Games and picking one is a fun way to spend some time on Christmas Eve with the family. Check out these other traditions we have for Christmas Time with our Kids that you can also enjoy.

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