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Race to Decorate the Christmas Tree Printable Game for Preschoolers

Are you looking for a quick and easy game to play this Christmas with your preschooler and older toddlers that bigger kids can join in with too? Then this printable Christmas dice game is ideal.

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Christmas Printable Game

Games are a great way to play and learn with your kids, whether it’s working on social skills like taking turns or on aspects of learning you can sit down spend a little quality time together and enjoy the festive season.

This printable Christmas game is simple and easy to play together. Once you have printed the board and constructed your dice. All you then need to do is roll and play.

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Printable Christmas Game for Preschoolers

There are 2 ways that you can get hold of this Tree Decorating Printable Game, subscribe or purchase!

printable roll a cube and race to decorate the tree christmas game for preschoolers

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print and play game from rainy day mum purchase in the store a christmas tree decorating board game for preschool

Roll a Cub Christmas Tree Decorating Printable Game for Preschool Rules

The rules of the game are simple.

  • Take turns
  • Roll the die
  • Move to the next space with that symbol on
  • The winner the person to reach the end first!

As you play it’s a great time to add in a little maths, how many spaces have they moved?

taking turns rolling the printable dice to move to different squares on the board

So that you can play with older toddlers and younger preschoolers that haven’t yet learnt to count and recognise the arrangement of dots on the dice we’ve created our own dice to use.

moving places on the christmas printable game as playing with preschoolers

If you wish you could of course switch out for a standard dice and move the spaces using that one.

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Printing our Your Game for Christmas Fun

We recommend when printing out the game you make sure that you have adjusted the fit to your size paper.

board game and roll a cube and pieces for a decorate the tree game for preschoolers to print and play

This means whether you are in the UK or the USA you will be able to construct the dice and play the game easily.

If you don’t adjust you risk losing part of the game in the printing process.

In the Rainy Day Mum house, we use an Epson EcoTank (read our review here) for the printing to save ink and the environment and recommend that the games are printed on high quality and good cardstock, not paper!

Once printed it can be useful to laminate your game board and pieces this will make them much harder wearing and last longer especially with younger children.

printable game for preschoolers at christmas, roll the cube and move to the space to race to decorate the christmas tree first
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How to Make your Game Dice for the Printable Christmas Board Game

With your game board and piece ready to go you need to construct your dice.

roll a cube dice net cut out from the game pieces for a printable board game for kids

It’s a simple net and the instructions are straightforward. You’ll want to fold the edges at the flaps to make sure that they stick easily.

scoring and folding the net of a christmas dice for a printable game for preschool

I’ve found over the years that to quickly and effectively make these it’s better to use double-sided sticky tape rather than glue.

peeling the tape from double-sided sticky tape to stick a net together

Just cut some small sections from the tape roll and then attach to the flaps, peel off the backing and then form into the dice shape.

constructing a printable roll a cube for a christmas game for kids

The Christmas dice for the game is the perfect size for little hands to be able to hold and throw easily and because you’ve made it from a piece card it won’t damage things!

More Christmas Fun for Preschoolers

We hope you loved playing this simple Christmas game together why not check out some of these other fun ideas for Christmas with Preschoolers.

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