When pregnant with my two I sat down with the baby books and checklists to work out what I need to buy, borrow and make for having a newborn baby. They were endless and what one said the other contradicted. I asked friends and family and we came to a list that really wasn’t that much for the first month and I hoped that I would be back on my feet by the time it came to the 2nd month and be able to do more and get out. So eventually I’m getting around to updating it and sharing it with you so here’s our list of newborn baby things that you really need.

newborn baby essentials pinnable image
Newborn Baby Essential that you will actually use for the first month at home

What Things Do I Need For a Newborn Baby

We’ve tried to make this as simple as possible starting with what we consider the most important.

Your hospital may have requirements like you must carry your baby out in a rear-facing baby car seat or that you will need to bring your own baby essentials.

However, when you return home there are only really a few things to get for a newborn baby. As my babies stayed close to me for the first month we didn’t need baby gear like a baby monitor and could spend time researching one that would be best for us.

A Safe Place to Sleep

Something you will find out quickly is that one of the most important things a baby needs in their first month is a safe place to sleep.

Whether you purchase or borrow a Moses basket, cot, or crib, it’s down to you what is important is that it allows them to lie flat.

newborn baby in a cot with mother
Newborn baby in a cot with mother somewhere to sleep safely is essential for newborns

We had a cot that turned into a cot bed for when they moved on later and also a travel cot which had a bassinet at the top so I could have my babies near me and after my c-sections not have to bend over and down too much to pick them up.

Check out our lullabies to sing your baby to sleep. These are great for helping your baby know when bedtime is as you can use them as a rhythm for your day.

Feeding Pillow e.g. Boppy Pillow or Body Pillow

However you choose to feed your baby, a feeding pillow really helps in those first few weeks.

This pillow raises the baby up to be closer to you, so they don’t have to only rest on your lap.

It’ll save your back if you’re nursing and your arm if you’re bottle-feeding.

I had a body pillow for when I was pregnant and used that as it was dual purpose. It then was later used to support tummy time activities as well as sitting up unaided.

Clothes for the Baby

There is a huge temptation to buy outfits and baby clothes but in reality, you don’t need much.

Although changing into daytime clothes can help establish a rhythm to their day and adjust to life outside the womb. In this first month, all you really need are long-sleeved sleepsuits that are comfortable and easy to change. Babies find it difficult to regulate their temperature so layers are more important that really warm clothes.

Combined with a swaddle blanket we were sorted for night time or day.

We also learnt the hard way that birth weight and size predictions meant that clothes we had bought were either never worn or were unsuitable for the time of the year by the time they grew into them!

Nappies & Baby Wipes

baby newborn on a changing mat
Newborn baby ready for changing – sing soothing songs to make changing time a more happy experience.

This is an obvious need when you’re a new mum.

Nappies and wipes are something you will need a lot of and can easily be considered essential. And it is a good idea to ask for these from friends and family.

That’s exactly what we did we asked for gifts of Cloth Nappies and reusable wipes although we also had a supply of disposable when needed.

Baby Washing Supplies For Bath Time

Your baby will need to be bathed, although having a baby bath can help in reality a bowl works just as well for these first few weeks.

Washing a newborn baby with just water and a washcloth

It’s also important that in the early stage you only use water, so wash clothes a small bowl, somewhere to contain the baby and water is all you actually need.

Newborn Baby Articles for You

This simple idea will help you whilst nursing your newborn if you have a toddler in the house. Helping to let you spend time bonding with the new baby.
A nursing box a great way for you to entertain a toddler and feed your newborn at the same time
With a newborn one of the things that you need to make sure you do is care for yourself read our tips on how to create time for self-care with a newborn.
Time for self-care when you have a newborn.

If you are reading this and have a toddler and a newborn then my sanity saver was the Nursing Box. Both my husband and I used it every time we fed T to keep J happy and entertained.

My midwife told me that one of the most important things I had to do in those first few weeks was cuddle, feed and care for my baby but also to look after myself as well. Self-care is so important and it is possible to do with a newborn check out our tips for creating time for self-care with a newborn baby.

Activities to do with your Newborn Baby

Yes, you can really do activities with your newborn and they are great to connect together. Check out these ideas below.

Make changing time fun time with your newborn baby as you play this simple stretching and singing game. If you have older children too get them to join in as you sing along with Head Shoulders Knees and Toes and play together.
Changing mat game for babies
Pick up these black and white board books and spend some time reading together with your newborn and young babies. The high contrast images are ideal as they will be able to see the images and hearing your voice read the words will help language development and create memories you will look back on fondly.
Best Board Books for New Borns
10 classic nursery rhymes to sing with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. With full words and suggested activities to keep your older tots entertained once you have sung.
Sing some classic Nursery Rhymes together

Changing time can be stressful for a newborn but it provides a time for you to interact with them and soothe them. Check out our simple Changing Mat Song and Stretch activity to do with your newborn and as they grow.

Your baby is never too young to sit and read with you. Board books are the way to go for the first year and at the start, black and white board books are the best. Check out our list of The Best Black and White Board Books for Babies.

Nursery Rhymes are another way alongside books that you can help your baby to develop language skills and they can start as soon as they are born. For a quick refresher, we have the complete words to Classic Baby Nursery Rhymes and Songs for you to sing.

what you really need for a newborn baby on rainy daymm
What you really need for your newborn baby boy
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