When the kids and I talk about space activities and crafts one thing they always want to include is aliens. There is just something so fun about thinking what is out there in space apart from us. We sing along to Five Little Men in their Flying Saucers (check out below our great puppets to go with this song), read any of the Aliens Love Underpants books by Claire Freedman and then get creatives. This Alien Flying Saucer Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers is great fun to make and they will love zooming it around after it’s dry.

Flying sauce and alien craft to make with toddlers and preschoolers inspired by Aliens Love Panta Claus

Aliens Love Underpants Series

We have included links to the books and resources that we used for this activity. If you purchase via the links we may earn a small commission

There is nothing funnier to little kids then the word pants is there?!

That is why my kids find ‘Aliens love Panta Claus’ book so amusing! I like that this is a continuation of the ‘Aliens Love Underpants book’ but that is a little different from your normal kind of Christmas book. This is a fun and joyful book – great for any age group. In spirit with the Christmas Holiday and what it means, the Aliens give underpants away instead of stealing them. They even put underpants in Santa Claus’ toy bag!

There’s lots of fun and witty rhymes and I love the beautiful images and drawing.

Each of the aliens has it’s own little illustrated quirk!

Aliens Love Panta Claus book and craft for kids to make

Flying Saucer Craft for Kids

In celebration of everything space we decided to make a fun spaceship craft with its own cute little pom-pom alien!

This craft was a big hit with my two and four years old because you can play with it afterwards when you read the book!

playing with craft made by child inspired by the book aliens love panta claus

You can also decorate the spaceship in any way you like and the pom pom alien can be as quirky as the aliens in the book if you choose!

Finished craft for kids inspired by Aliens Love Panta Claus and the other Aliens Love Underpants books

Materials Needed to make your own Alien Spaceship complete with Pom Pom Alien

2 paper bowls (paper is easier, plastic can be used but then you might need acrylic or thicker paint)

Plastic cup

Homemade Pom Pom – Wool and cardboard Tube

Mini pom poms

Paint (we used silver but you can use any colour you like!)


Sellotape or double-sided sticky tape

Googly Eyes

Glitter (optional)

Space Themed Printables in Store Now!

How to make your Flying Spacecraft and Alien Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Time needed: 1 hour.

Flying Saucer Craft for Toddlers and Preschoolers using easy to get materials complete with a wooly alien to fly the craft.

  1. Paint the paper bowls

    With silver paint, paint the outside of the bowls.preschooler doing an spaceship craft inspired by Aliens love Panta Claus

  2. Glitter

    To make your flying saucer sparkle add a little glitter to the paint when wet.

  3. Leave to Dry

    Leave the painted bowls to dry.

  4. Decorate the painted bowls

    Provide your toddler or preschooler with a range of different objects and glue to decorate their painted bowls with. Pom Poms, Sequins and stickers are all good choices.

  5. Make a Pom Pom maker!

    Lay two empty toilet paper rolls next to each other

  6. Wrap wool

    Wrap wool around and around and around the two tubes about 100 times.

  7. Tie off the Pom Pom

    Take another piece of wool and tie it between the two tubes. Gently push the yarn toward one end of the tube, being careful to hold onto both ends of the yarn you’re using to securely tie the pom pom together.

    Once the yarn is off the tubes, tie it tight and cut around both edges of the pom pom (where the toilet paper rolls were previously).

  8. Create your Alien

    Glue on your googly eyes onto your pom pom and sticky tape the pom-pom into the plastic cup. Double sided sticky tape makes this easier!putting together your alien spaceship craft for kids

  9. Create the Top of the space ship for your alien

    When your paint is dry, cut out a circle the same side as your plastic cup in one of the bowls. You want your plastic cup to sit snugly inside the bowl so don’t cut your hole too large.

  10. Add in the Alien and Glue

    Lastly, pop your cup with your spaceman inside the bowl and glue the two bowls together.

Hey presto! You have your own flying spaceship!

More Space Books to Read Aloud with your Preschoolers and Toddlers

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Why not Pin this Alien Flying Saucer to Make later with your Kids

Flying sauce and alien craft to make with toddlers and preschoolers inspired by Aliens Love Panta Claus
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